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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super proud parenting day, on SO many levels

So, today B had karate.
He has been working SO hard on getting his yellow belt.
He practices his Heinshodan EVERYWHERE!!!
Not only does he do it at home, he does it at school, Wal-Mart, Costco, a parking lot, where ever he feels "moved" to practice it or show what he knows.
He has been patient and humble as we watch him listen and learn each week to his Sensei.
He takes instruction very well (why not for me???) and is willing to help out.
Tonight was the night he as worked SO hard for.
Tonight is the night he has practiced countless hours for.
Tonight is the night he got his YELLOW BELT!!!!
Read about it on his blog,(linked to mine). 

As most of you know, L has sensory issues.
We have been working super hard on him with "coping" skills.
He is in soccer, to help his gross motor, hearing and communication skills.
Gross motor so he can learn to run in a straight line and to build up endurance.
He can finally run a straight line!
And play a game and not feel like he is beat at the end of it
Hearing is mostly so he can learn to deal with lots of sounds at one time.
I could tell the lights were really bugging him tonight.
He did tell us tonight that the worst sound is that of his Dad yelling at him from the stands.
Last game, he really had too much of it and "shooshed" his dad!
I think Mr. Miller's feelings were hurt, oh well, he can deal with it!
Communication so he can learn to deal with other people in tense situations and hopefully deal with it in a positive manner, not something he is good at. 
He is such a great little player.
Tonight was one of his best nights.
He ran up and down the field, with no direction from his dad.
I told Mr. Miller he had better keep that mouth of his closed or he could walk home, he behaved.
L was really bothered by the lights but kept plugging away.
He even positively told a kid to "quit standing like a tree and move it!"
I am amazed EVERYDAY and so blessed with the changes he is making.

He gets his "appliance" next week.
He has a underbite and we are getting it fixed.
He has a hard time chewing with his mouth closed, and we all know that is my FAVORITE sound, NOT!
His teeth do not fit tgether. 
We are hoping it helps.
He was nervous yesterday when we went for his molds, so on the way in, he drew in his art book.
That is his "out"
What does he do at the Orthodontists?
Flirts hardcore with the lady taking his mold! 
It was quite funny to see.


Little Miss M is such a fun little one!
Most days I feel like her goal is to single handedly put me in the nuthouse, but she has yet to accomplish that!
She counts 1-5, knows the letters A-G's and says just about any word she wants to.
Sentences are in abundance.
He favorite word, "Baby"
For those of you who live here, you have seen this naked doll go EVERYWHERE with us!
I had to wash that thing.
She stood at the washing machine and watched her go around and around and around.
I swear she will be traumatized for life.

I do believe though it is safe to say she is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!
Hello, what mom does not like it when that happens???
Daytime she is FULLY done, tells me and all.
We have gone out for hours and she stays dry.
Night time is still a diaper, but I expct in a month or two for her to be done.
Yes, she was WAY easier than the boys.
They fought me tooth and nail!
She didn't.
For that, I am grateful!
This is one of my fave pics of her, taken by the Mr.
Her expression just cracks me up!