“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

100 DAYS FOLKS!!!!

100 days
really, seriously? 
I remember wondering when I gave up diet coke that I was going to die.
NO jokes, seriously, going to die. 
Why not?
The headaches were h-e-l-l, I needed my diet coke, why give it up.

But I knew that with how much I loved my diet coke and drank it that it was not good for me.
There was a running joke around the house that I would need to have a 1 year supply (food storage) of my diet coke and that our house was not big enough.
It was all or nothing.
So, I went for the nothing.

I am actually kinda proud of myself. 
When I started this, I thought I could never do it.
There were many days I didn't want to do it.
But, I decided I was worth it.
I was worth teaching myself a lesson that I am worth giving it up.
That I can do something that was hard.
This year has been a year where I really felt like I got nothing accomplished and let myself down on so many levels, so I am glad I did this ONE thing and I taught myself to do something hard.

To me, 100 is a big number.
It's HUGE really.
The next time I get to add a digit is when I hit 100.
And I WILL do it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21st

Dear Dec. 21st.
I loathe you
I know, like you care.
Why you may ask? 
I am pretty much nuts by now but really, to give me so little daylight on a day like today is pushing me beyond what I can handle as a human being.
I usually really cannot stand you.
But today, I think I might find a bit of love for you. 
Why you may ask?
Well, this Dec 21st brings a family member closer to me!
That's about the only thing I like about you today.
Oh yeah, and the fact that I don't have to see you for another year!
(I really detest the lack of sunshine, can you tell?!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Things gone right"

This year has kind of sucked.
I know, just what you want to hear.
But really, this is not a rant, I promise.

There has been a lot of crappy stuff that has happened this year.
It has been so stinking hard on me, physically, mentally, emotionally.
I just feel drained.
I am SO ready to kick 2010 to the curb and start off a new year and pray it's a gooder.

So one morning as I was out doing my morning papers, I was thinking about it.
I was thinking about how much had happened and how I was kinda at a point where I didn't want to even deal with it anymore.
Just wanted to hibernate until January 1st. 
Am I allowed to do that? 

So instead of focusing on the bad and crappy year, I decided I would focus on what seemed like the few shining moments of the year. 
And then I was quickly adding up how many wonderful things I had been blessed with in my life this year. 
And then I was quickly overwhelmed with all these amazing blessings and felt so grateful for them.

In a totally non specific order of  "Things gone right"
Was able to go to the Temple to do a session multiple times this year.
Was able to go to the Temple with the youth twice for them to do Baptism's for the dead.
Celebrated each of my children's birthday's, what blessings they are, happy and healthy and grateful to be blessed with amazing little ones.
Got released as YW teacher (NOT happy UNTIL)...
Got called as YW 1st counselor! WOOT WOOT!!! (Have I mentioned before that I LOVE my calling, if not, let me tell you, it is the BEST calling out there, honestly. My YW ROCK!)
Got to go to YW camp and there were NO bears! (That was literally an answer to prayers!)
Went camping in Banff with the family, once again, no bears, answer to prayers!
Got funding for our flood in our basement, once again, answer to prayers!
Got to spend many a day and night snuggling and cuddling with my kids, seriously, the best medicine that anyone could ever have. No prescription needed! 
Had my niece/almost daughter come and visit for 2 1/2 weeks in the summer.
Had my niece/almost daughter come and stay here since the end of December.
Got a job that works for me and is flexible.

As I have mentioned before, my niece A has been here since the end of November. What a blessing she is in our lives. My kids LOVE her. No, not just love her, they NEED her! They really do. She really fills some part of their life that no one else can reach. To say she is amazing is putting it mildly. Really. As I am typing this, she is teaching my 7 year old B grade 5 math ( I let B skip the afternoon of school today. I think it was a great choice!) She is so smart and perceptive of things I have been missing with my kids. I am amazed at how she picks up on simple clues my kids are giving to me that I am missing.

Fact is though, I LOVE her to bits too. Not just LOVE her but NEED her too. She fills some part of my soul that no one else can. You know how each of your children have a special place in your heart that no one else can get to? She has her own special place in my heart too. Just like my kids. There are times I refer to her as my daughter because honestly, I feel the same way to her as I do my kids. I love her as a daughter. I don't know why we have the relationship we do but I know I count it as one of my biggest blessings in my life. Right up there with my kids! 

To say she has been good for me is putting it mildly. She has come with me for work since she has been here and lightened my load. She loves my kids just about as much as I do. She has helped to lift a dark cloud that has loomed over my head and put the sun back in my life where it should be.

I am grateful for you A. I love you more than you could ever know. Really.

A went the WHOLE WAY around the board saying our names. Love that kid! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Hardware

Yeppers, B got some new hardware this weekend.
It was the fall Karate Tournament this weekend. 
He competed with the 6 and 7 year old yellow belts.
To say he did amazing is putting it mildly.

I think back to when he started karate 2 years ago and I thought back to when he first started.
There was this flailing little kid who could barely put 2 moves together.
Coordination was so not there. 
It was cute to watch him cause he really didn't have any clue what he was doing but had determination.
We have watched him progress into a little master on the court.
He really has his own style but ROCKS his style!!!

We watch him practice all the time at home. 
And he practices a LOT, at least 3 times a day for his Kata.
A Kata is a series of moves that is put together quite nicely. 
Every time he gets a new Kata I think, "he is never going to get this!"
They just look so stinking hard!
But he gets it.
He listens to his sensei, the senpei's and practices like crazy at home.
About 3 weeks ago his Sensei Dean told him he needs to get deeper into his stances. 
Him getting deeper into them is what helped him kick it at the tournament!!

2nd place!!!!!!


We are so proud of him. 

He also got 4th in weapons sparring!!!!!
He had to fight 2 very tough kids, both much bigger than him and one a belt higher.
But this has brought on some really good discussions.
He is determined to pick the toughest kid in the dojo to practice points and weapon sparring with! 
He knows that if he only fights the littler kids and those that are not as experienced he won't learn at the rate he wants to.
That is what he said! 
I am really proud of him for finding a sport he loves and gives it so much!
I am really proud of him and all the hard work he puts into it!
I am really proud of him for seeing what he needs to do to improve and be willing to do it. 
It's not always easy to fight the toughest kid in the class but he's willing to do it so he can get better!
As a mom, that makes me so proud of him, of who he is and all he does to better himself.
I love you B!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Loss of a Love

Ok. so for those of you on my Facebook, you might remember this status update I had on August 11th. 
For those of you not on Facebook, this was my status update.

"I went on holidays in camrose AB and they had a vanilla shot for diet coke. I was dismayed when I went to the Medicine Hat location and they have one. I was told the machine would have to break in order to get one. I am writing you this so instead of someone having a breakdown over not having a vanilla shot with their diet coke and breaking the machine, you can rectify the problem and just get one there. Lemme know when you do cause I will be the first in line. Until then, I am NOT going there."

This is a complaint that I lodged with 7/11
I know it may SEEM like I was joking but really, I was not, just trying to make a point with a little humor. 
I am someone who USED to laugh and joke a lot, and then stopped but had become determined to joke more, so I felt I should use humor in my complaint.

Lots of the comments were quite funny, but also brought up the fact that I might, just MIGHT be addicted! 
SO, I did a LOT of evaluation. 
To say I LOVE diet coke, well, that is putting it mildly.
I would drink more Diet Coke than water, yep, got my 8 glasses of DC and MAYBE a few of H20.
Not Always 8 glasses but WAY too much Diet Coke. 

Yes, I tried to give it up before. 
And by tried, I mean I went a while without it, then gave in.
This time, I was DETERMINED. 
And, I had SUPPORT! 
I had someone who was willing to make a sacrifice as well, and that really meant so much to me.

So, I did it. 
Sept 15th.
Oh, the next few days were HELL, to say the least. 
I felt if I bashed my head up against the wall it would feel better.
But I didn't.

I have learned I can ACTUALLY SURVIVE without the "love" of my life. 
My Diet Coke.
I sleep SOOOOOOO much better.
I don't feel BLOATED.
I might have lost a few pounds.
I just FEEL better.
SO, no going back. 
I am an "all in" type of girl, do it all the way or not at all.
I thought I would really miss it, but I don't. 
I think that is what surprised me the most.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Excess Baggage

So, I was thinking about life today while I was working.
My house is full of things, life things, kids things and CLOTHES.
Kids clothes.
I have A LOT of  kids clothes. 
Mostly clothes for little miss M.
40 pairs of pants for her. 
yep, she is 2.5 years old.
And 40 is all I will admit to.
(And while some may think, "How much does she spend on clothes, 95% of all my kids clothes are 2nd hand)
She has plenty of shirts tons of dresses.
more than she needs.
I have talked about it a bit on my facebook and in my private conversations with others.
I know I have to get rid of some, well, lots of them.

To be honest, I get nervous when I think about getting rid of their clothes. 
Mr. Miller thinks I have lots of stuff that is valuable that I just don't use because I have so much. 

I have thought about how all my extra clothes clothes relate to all the extra baggage I have in my life.
Extra clothes, extra weight, extra canning jars (1000!), in my food storage, I have extra of the basics than the calculation for our family.
I am comfortable with "excess" I actually think I love it. 
Not necessarily the weight part of it but obviously no concerned with it enough to have lost it yet.

Our house cannot handle all the excess we have, so I have to purge. 
I am hoping that as I become comfortable with getting rid of my excess clothing, which is NOT an easy thing for me to do, I will be comfortable with getting rid of the other excess stuff's I have kicking around. 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/11or should it be 11/9

Not sure what to name it.
Maybe it should be 11/9 since the 11 happened first. 
And 9/11 is a moment in history that will FOREVER be in my mind.
SO, what is the #'s about you may ask. 

11 happened first. 
September 23, 1999 is my anniversary. 
So, here are 11 random things about my wedding day/marriage.

1. We got married on a Thursday. A THURSDAY you may ask, WHO gets married on a Thursday? Well, we did! There are several reasons. Mr. Miller was in school and it was workable around his schedule. Easiest to boot it down to Cardston  for the wedding, UP to Fort Mac for a reception and back to Edmonton to live. I have a brother who came home from his mission 5 days before I got married and we had family that could come out for either my wedding or his homecoming, so we were trying to make it as easy as possible for travelers. My Aunt was working in the Brides room only on Thursday, I wanted to share that day with her. Plus, we were SO NOT rushed! We could enjoy the day. 

2. We have 3 FANTASTIC kids! Seriously, love them to bits. They really make my day everyday. Most days I feel like I am going to go nuts, but I really love them. I really want just one more. I had a miscarriage just after we moved here and had our Little Miss M after that, but I still just feel that pull to one more

3. We have lived in 4 apartments, 1 duplex, spent sometime at each of our parents house and finally bought our first house almost 4 years ago.

. 4. Mr. Miller was doing his bachelor degree when we got married, he just finished his Master's (no, he has not been working on it that long!) He promised no doctorate. If so, he can find another wife. 

5. I still DETEST cooking. Never have liked it but really, I just don't like it. I used to feel guilty.

6. I hate cleaning. I know, people are probably wondering "Why does this woman stay home?" I love to be with my kids but honestly, if I had the money, I would hire someone to cook and clean so I could spend all the time with the kids. 

7. I work. I know, not the "typical" SAHM, but I have a job that is flexible and I can bring my daughter with me and I like that. I like to work and have my home monotony broken up. 

8. We drive each other crazy. We really are polar opposites and so working together can make it difficult, but somehow, we do it.

9. This is more of a funny story. Poor Mr. Miller was so nervous on our wedding night we spent it in the hotel parking lot! He locked his keys in the car. I know, romantic!

10. We don't really travel much but we have gone to Victoria, BC for under 36 hours, but then he went back there for 2 summers for his masters degree. I traveled out there one summer, me and 3 KIDS (one 5 months old!) to pick him up. We have been to Alaska and LOVED it. We WILL go back. We love it there. W have been to Southern Utah. He wants to go to England and tour his mission. Valium for the plane ride please!

11. He delivered our 2nd child. We were in the Hospital and knew the Doctor. The doc turned the shoulders and that was pretty much it. He said "I want to be a Doctor!" After. Nope, he'd have to get a different wife.

What is the 9? L is the lucky child in our family that shares his birthday with our anniversary! (All our kids share a birthday, pressure if we have another one!) 9 random facts about L

1. He was by FAR my longest labour, (29.5 hours labour! OUCH!!!) I went in and really didn't want to have an epidural. Got induced, nothing. bummer. Got induced again and finally started labour. Laboured for 17 hours before dilating. I know, you are jealous! I begged for a epidural and fell asleep when I got it. Loved it! He had and still has the BIGGEST head I have ever seen on a child! 
39.5 cm's around! He had to be vacuumed out. Try explaining THAT to your child. 

2. He is my most creative child! He LOVES art and it really is his outlet. His drawings are so intricate and detailed. I love looking at his drawings. 

3. I am so happy he is the oldest. He is so stinkin responsible. He is always doing what he can to help with his younger siblings, and I so appreciate that.

4. He never really talked until he was 4.5 years old. He could, just didn't. Drove me crazy then, now I go crazy cause he talks FOREVER. Gives me a run for my money! Sometimes I have to literally have to remind myself, "YOU wanted HIM to talk!) But he loves to talk, especially at night, when he wants a snuggle. He will talk about everything and anything. 

5. If he loves you, he is not afraid to tell you! He does not just love anyone. Usually, it's humor that gets him. 

6. He is a great friend! He comes home from school and gets all defensive of the kids who bother his friends. I have a feeling that he could go to the Principal's office a few times, but he is never physical. 

7. Still does not know what he wants to be when he grows up. I'm ok with that.

8. Plays soccer but hates it. We have a family rule that at least 1 sport must be played. That is to try and prevent him just sitting in front of the TV or doing nothing. He picked the "easiest" sport. I am just glad it's not hockey where it's ridiculous hours!

9. He loves to go to Church! He loves to go, listen to his teachers, talk with his friends, learn more. He got complimented on his singing a while ago. Oh my, now he is practicing ALL the time! I love it!!! I love to see him confident! 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Posting of comments



I will not EVER post them as comments.

Yep, that crap you post, it's porn. 

I will not EVER support that, so go find someone else to annoy.

Or better yet, go and give up your nasty addiction. 

Yes, we all have addictions, my main one is food.

See, i'm willing to be honest.

And in my honesty, I will tell you I will NEVER post that filth, so don't ever expect to see your comment posted. 


Thursday, May 20, 2010

In love with my kids

Some days I love my kids so much, I cannot express it.
Wait, that is almost every day.
Lately, I have been falling in love with them more and more.
They are all to a stage where they are a bit more independent and so I think they don't always need me.
But they do.
Take today for an example.
L had something in his eye, what, I have no clue. 
Probably an eyelash.
It kinda freaked him out a bit.
He started crying and I told him that was a good thing.
That gave him permission to bawl.
What a funny kid.
He looked at me and said, "Mom, I know why it still hurts, I have not prayed."
So, he said the most sincere little prayer uttered from his lips.
After a few more minutes of him crying to get it out, he was o.k and whatever it was came out.
He then prayed to say Thanks for helping it to not hurt.

Then, we were out and about and I asked him if he knew I loved him. 
He said Yes.
I asked how he knew.
He said he knew because I was nice and kind to him.
And that I was wonderful to him as well.
And that he would not change a thing about me.
THAT is true love, on his part and mine.

B keeps coming up to me and letting me know how much he loves me. 
Tells me I am the best snuggler around.
I like that title.
He is becoming such a confident young man.
He will be 7 in a few days and I wonder where did the time go?
He went from this little being of a person, to a little tub of lard.
Oh, how I loved those rolls!
Then he was the little toddler who went and followed his brother around everywhere.
Now, he is still very close to both his siblings but is just more mature in his choices.
If you want to hear him say the word mature, just ask him. 
It's so cute how he says it.

Little Miss M is known as the Destroying Angel, Chatterbox, Tornado.
Think of the busiest kid you know, times it by 100, then times it again by 100, and you might have her.
Most days I fight a loosing battle with her. 
I can clean 1 room, turn around and 3 are destroyed.
Sure, she looks charming enough, this cute little 2 year old who does not look her age but her language is deceiving as to how old she is.
Spend some time with her.
She's busy.

I just love being their mom.
I am proud to be their mom.
I think they are wonderful.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my kids and going private

Yes, this blog will be going private.
It might be a permanent thing, it might be temporary.
If you want to follow, send me your email and I will open it to you.
Even if you are a stranger but like reading my blog, lemme know.

So, I have been thinking about how much I love, love, LOVE my kids.
They inspire me every day.
I think they are wonderful.
Of course, I am their mother.
It's my responsibility, in the mother hand book.
You know, the one that gets planted in our hearts the minute we get pregnant.
And how it continues to grow. 
I remember when we had L.
Even before he was born I was worried if I could love him enough.
Then when I was pregnant with B.
I loved L so much, surely there was not enough room in my heart.
My heart grew many sized that day.
When I got pregnant with M I worried, I knew it was a girl. 
Could I love a girl as much as my boys? 
Would I love her more than my boys?
Nope, I swear I am suffering from enlarged heart syndrome.
When I feel the need to feel unconditional love, I go to my kids.
They really complete me and who I am. 
They make me feel so proud to be their mom. 
(Not in a bad pride way)
I see them interact as siblings and know that they love each other.
They are great examples to each other and encourage each other to make good choice.
Not just to tattletale either.
I have listened to L and B express to the other siblings they want them to make better choices.
Did they know what they had done was wrong?
What could they make a wrong a right?
I see it in the way they treat each other.
M is a 2 year old. 
You know, the phase where a 2 year old believes she is the age of her brothers but is not.
The age where she wants to annoy all heck out of her siblings.
They are so patient, loving and kind to her.
I am so grateful they are the older siblings.
We had an issue with one of our neighbors the other week.
They had a huge bonfire and L was terrified of it. 
It was about 8 feet high, not cool in tinder dry conditions and in a town.
And they were so loud that L did not go to bed until 12:30 am.
We had to call the cops 3 times to get them to come out and deal with the drunks.
L had the idea to bake them some cookies and go over and explain to them how scared he was.
We did and they said they would be quiet.
Last night, we were woken up at 3 am to the F and S bombs.
Mr. Miller, M, B and myself were woken up.
Glad L had a good sleep. 
We had to call the cops, again.
I don't negotiate with drunks.
Today when we were talking with the kids about it, B was so disappointed they would lie to us.
He talked about how could our neighbors think so little of other people. 
He talked of us needing to be good "global citizens" and respecting other people.
I was really proud of him for having his strong convictions.
I appreciate having good kids.
I appreciate how much they are willing to do for each other and others.
I appreciate how much they Love the Saviour.
I appreciate them.

Monday, March 29, 2010

interesting conversation

So, I was out the other day.
Had all 3 kids with me.
Sometimes it goes really well.
This was a time when it was not.
Little Miss M was doing her best to escape.
L and B were fighting.
Not a common thing for them.
But a family rule is a rule, timeout. 
No matter where we are, I will put them in timeout.
It works fantastically for me.
I am not personally a fan of spanking.

There was a young man there, about 15 years old.
He said to me, 
"Ma'am, you have no clue how much I wish I had a brother to fight with.
I have way older step siblings I do not know, so I was basically the only child at home.
It was lonely."
Then he went on to tell me about when he grew up.
He has a pretty privileged life, according to him. 
Both parents work and make very good money.
Had whatever he asked for and things he didn't want, just so his parents would not feel guilty.
Guilty about them being away all the time.
Why was he working you may ask?
Working because he wanted to, not because he had to.
Working because he wanted to learn work ethic.
I admire him. 
It is SO easy for kids to get away with doing no work if they want to.
He said he could be easily at home playing his xbox or wii, but chose to get a job.

He said he was so lonely as a child. 
He always wanted to have his parents say, 
"Quit bugging your brother" 
"Quit pulling your sister's hair"
He wanted a brother to go running around outside in the mud with and traipse it inside. 
He wanted a sister to have a tea party with. 
Wanted to have a sibling to play in his tree fort with.
Wanted to have a sibling to go to the store with and buy bubble gum with.
Here is this young man baring his soul to me in the middle of a store.
Suddenly, I felt guilty for having put my boys in timeout.
Guilty that I was blessed with 3 wonderful children that I GET to run after.
3 children that could single handedly drive me insane on any day.
3 children that have each other and are VERY happy to have each other.
3 children that know they are a blessing to each other but also drive each other insane.
2 boys and 1 girl who love and respect each other.
3 children I am so grateful to have.

Yes, I may very well look insane by 9 am, but I am happy.
I love my children and feel so blessed to have them.
Some days I need a reminder.
I am grateful this 15 year old was a gentle reminder to me.
I am grateful for his kind words.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One thing I won't abbreviate

I like computer lingo
Sometimes it drives me crazy as I try to figure it out
Some things drive me nuts that people abbreviate
I think they are words too important to abbreviate
Love is one of them
Sometimes it's cute to add a heart
But sometimes I think it's just important to just say it
I say it to my kids as many times in a day as I possibly can
I want them to KNOW I love them
Not wonder if I do
I tell it to Mr. Miller as many times as I can
It's important to me
My husband is my husband
I don't want him to wonder
My kids are my kids
I don't want them to wonder
My extended family is my family
I don't want them to wonder

to my husband
to my kids
to my family

(not abbreviated, never)
Love J, Mom, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin whatever I am to you

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cute little dress and a few other things.

So, last night I learned to make a dress, Thanks Mary.
It is SO cute.
It's called a pillowcase dress.
I think the only way M would like it is if I made it out of spiderman or pokemon.
What a tomboy.
Here are a few pics.

See, grumpy as all heck.
Then she gets out of the dress, puts on her brothers clothes and she is just fine.
Don't get it.

Here is my fave time of the day with just her.

Do you see what she is holding?

She is talking to the baby Jesus we have on our dresser.
We got given a manger scene at Christmas by a lady in our ward.
L set it up and didn't want it taken down.
Now M HAS to hold it, every day as I do her hair.
She sits there and tells him how much she loves him.
That she misses him.
Gives him kisses.
I love it, it is such a tender time.
About the only time she really sits still.
So, we keep the manger scene up.
I think it is wonderful to be reminded year round of our Saviour's birth.

Here is my kids first thing in the morning.

I know, their hair is horrible.
The deal with them is as long as they do not complain as I do their hair they can grow it.
The day they complain is the day it gets shaved.
Can you tell we have no complaining.
I prefer short hair but they can keep it long as long as their is no complaining.
I know the pic does not seem like much but it brings me fun memories of when I was a kid.
The kids are sitting over a heat register.
I remember sitting on a heat register and pulling my nightgown over my legs to trap the heat.
I think it's so fun that they are now sitting on the register.
I just love these 3 little peeps! SO much fun.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my deal with myself

Diet Coke, I love the stuff.
I have TRIED and TRIED and TRIED to kick it and cannot.
There is a contest going on right now that you can enter a pin and get a chance at winnig $25000.
Would we not all just LOVE to win it.
As I was having a conversation with my self( I tend to do that every now and again) I was trying to convince myself to give it up once and for all.
Then I was thinking about winning the contest.
$25000, that would be nice!
And, without realizing I said it, to myself of course, I said,
"If I win the $25000 contest, I will give up Diet Coke."
I looked around to be sure no one else was saying it.
I shocked myself!
Yup, it was me who said it.
I know, my chances in winning are slim to nil.
I have a total of 3 entries to the how many of millions of entries.
AND, it depends on how many gold Canada wins.
Yup, you see my chances.
Then, I was actually brave enough to say it to the Mr.
He was shocked.
Can't say I blame him, I am too.
I did say though that if I did win and had to drink a Diet Coke for promo reasons, I would.
Then, that would be it.
I know, now that I said it aloud I cannot go back.
I have tried so many things.
The last attempt was when Jason went away for the summer.
I decided to give it up the day he left.
That was bad for so many reasons.
So, there you have it.
That is my deal with myself.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The weekend Auntie S came to visit!

Auntie S had been on her mission in California for 18 months.
We had not seen her since May/08
Oh, how we missed her.
We had not seen her until last weekend.
Oh, how much FUN it was!
This is mostly pics for those who we know would love to have been here but could not be.
B and Auntie S, he greeted her at the door when she knocked about 3 hours earlier than we thought!
Auntie S decorated the sponge bob cake.
We used Wilton food coloring for the first time, LOVED it!
Colors are so vibrant, we figure the yellow should be called "Sponge Bob Yellow"
Here is Auntie S and M cuddling on my bed.
This brought LOTS of crazy times!
L quite content to just hang with his Auntie.
Just a little bit of background:
L has, in the past, gone and basically hidden when people come to visit.
Basically becomes anti-social, BUT in the past few months, he has totally changed as a whole.
He has become SO happy, loving and caring.
We were a bit nervous how this weekend would go.
I think S is feeling like she lost 60lbs off her hip, he was attached!
Telling her something important!
3 crazies snuggling!
L showing her the Nativity we got given to us.
He LOVES it, I just don't have the heart to take it down.
Plus, it's a good yearlong reminder of CHRISTmas.
Mom, this one is for you.
This is what it was like basically ALL weekend!
Except when she left.
He wouldn't talk to her!
Round and round the garden, goes the little mousie, you know how it goes.
Rhymes that entertain kids forever!
Mr. M and M woke up super early on Sunday morning.
This is how I found them when I woke up.
All 3 hanging on the couch Sunday afternoon.
I just LOVE how tough M is here!
B FINALLY came for a cuddle!
He is the one who basically hid all weekend.
What a turkey!
All of them cuddling on the bed, getting ready for a rumble!!!
I know, I know, I am a bad parent, I let my kids stand on the headboard and jump off.
It was SUPER fun.
All in a controlled environment so nothing to worry about.
Oh, the joy that was had.
B was the winner, I think.
On a TOTALLY side note, Do you see his belly button and how nice it is?!
SUPER happy about it.
It is really going down.
I think we are past the point where we have to worry about surgery.
I don't even think about it anymore.

For any men who think my little sister is hot and want to date her, PLEASE keep her in Canada.
Both my other sisters deserted me, I want ONE that lives here!!!!

We had so much fun and were happy when we woke up monday in the am and there was freezing rain out and she got to stay for half of the time, it was WONDERFUL!!!!
We love her and are happy to have her home.
We are grateful for how hard she worked on her mission.
The people of California were blessed to have her, now we have her home with us!
Love ya S!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I got flowers

I got flowers today.
I have not got them in 5 years.
I am not a girl who expects flowers or really cares if I get them.
I actually appreciate it if Mr. Miller does not buy them around Valentines day.
Too flippin expensive.
Mr. Miller walked in the door with flowers.
How nice.
I said Thank-you.
He looked sheepishly at me and asked if I got his message.
yup, I did.
This is the story.

Mr. Miller's Principal bought 5 things of flowers.
She decided she would give them to the teachers she thought was doing a good job.
Mr. Miller was one of them.
Mr. Miller passed them on to me.
How nice.

I always feel like a bum around Valentines day.
I hate getting anything therefore I don't give anything.
I know Mr. Miller would love to take me out for a romantic dinner.
Lines are too long.
I know he would like to buy me flowers.
Too expensive.
I know he would like to make Valentines with the kids for me to have.
 They clutter up my house and end up in the garbage.

To me, I would much rather that he did little things during the year that mean things to me.
Foot rubs, get those!
LONG Sunday naps after church, get those, EVERY week!
Helping with housework, get that every day!
Him not expecting me to go out of the home to work, get that!
Him working hard to provide for our family, get that!
I wanted to have beautiful children, got those!

There are many moments during the year I know Mr.Miller loves me.
I appreciate those moments.
I appreciate the flowers too.
This is what I get for Valentines day, TIME with these fave people of mine!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

learned something new today...

So, I learned something new today.
But let me start back a few days ago.
I went to the docs, got x-rays.
Sat in the flippin docs office for 1.5 hours to get the results, with 2 kids I might add.
NOT fun.
I was in with the doc for 4 minutes, enough to be told I have 2 bone spurs and get a referral for Orthopedics.
Today was my appointment.

My most painful bone spur, the one that I actually could feel, is at the back of my heel, at the base of my achilles tendon.
I have tendonitis throughout my foot and ankle.
Actually, both of them.

I asked the doc about bone spurs, how they happen.
I have tight muscles, very tight.
The tight calves lead to tight hamstrings lead to tight quads, which is why my lower back is sore.
Makes sense.
When all this tightness happens, feet don't work properly.
I have under 5% range of motion on my ankle.

I asked if I bone spurs is reversable.
IT IS!!!!
The skeletons of our bodies change about 7 times in our lifetime.
A bone spur happens when our body is changing and our body is compensating.
So, I can reverse it by loosening my muscles and eventually my body will
"eat away the bone spur"
because my muscles will be loser so there will be no need for the extra bone to be there.
Makes sense, glad it won't be like this for life and it's my responsibility to fix it.

I did my muscles excersizes today.
They are not hard but flip do they ever HURT!
My calves, hamstrings, quads and back are SORE.

But it's good.
I need to do this because then I can do other things I need to do.
Right now my workouts are all upper body workouts.
They are fine, but I need more.
I NEED to be able to get impact on my lower body.
It will happen.

I like it when I learn something!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The queen bee turns 2!

So, Little Miss M turned 2 this week.
HELLO, where the heck did the last 2 years go???
She came to me first thing in the morning and said, "Mom, I'm dressed"
Yeah, right.
I don't think so!
L was home with us that day.
It was kinda fun.
She KNEW it was a wonderful special day.

Some of my favorite things about her:
She is just a wonderful child
She is busy
She is loving
She loves her "baby" that comes everywhere with us
She loves to talk
She is so compassionate
Fave thing to do is cuddle
Most common word, either Sorry, Whatever, or Sure, I know, all over the place on that one!
She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her brothers
She brings us happiness in our home
We are so BLESSED to have her in our home

Dinner time, man, she looks rough!

Her cake, oatmeal with coconut and pecan topping, yummy!

Presents with her brothers

she wanted a bath after her bath.

Mom, this is just for you
Well, anyone can look at it but there is a funny story behind this
I was in E-town a few summers ago with my mom
B was asleep in the car and we picked him up and brought him into the dollar store with us
Laid him down in the cart
He slept that way for about 45 minutes
Then slept for about 4 hours on a trip to my folks
Woke up for about the last 45 mins of the trip
Then slept all night long
When we pulled up to Dollargiant today, M was alseep
We laid her in the cart
She slept the whole time in the store, just like this
I just had to take a pic
It was so cute
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little lady
She brings me joy where I never thought I would
She is a wonderful addition to our home
I would have it no other way