“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Excess Baggage

So, I was thinking about life today while I was working.
My house is full of things, life things, kids things and CLOTHES.
Kids clothes.
I have A LOT of  kids clothes. 
Mostly clothes for little miss M.
40 pairs of pants for her. 
yep, she is 2.5 years old.
And 40 is all I will admit to.
(And while some may think, "How much does she spend on clothes, 95% of all my kids clothes are 2nd hand)
She has plenty of shirts tons of dresses.
more than she needs.
I have talked about it a bit on my facebook and in my private conversations with others.
I know I have to get rid of some, well, lots of them.

To be honest, I get nervous when I think about getting rid of their clothes. 
Mr. Miller thinks I have lots of stuff that is valuable that I just don't use because I have so much. 

I have thought about how all my extra clothes clothes relate to all the extra baggage I have in my life.
Extra clothes, extra weight, extra canning jars (1000!), in my food storage, I have extra of the basics than the calculation for our family.
I am comfortable with "excess" I actually think I love it. 
Not necessarily the weight part of it but obviously no concerned with it enough to have lost it yet.

Our house cannot handle all the excess we have, so I have to purge. 
I am hoping that as I become comfortable with getting rid of my excess clothing, which is NOT an easy thing for me to do, I will be comfortable with getting rid of the other excess stuff's I have kicking around. 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/11or should it be 11/9

Not sure what to name it.
Maybe it should be 11/9 since the 11 happened first. 
And 9/11 is a moment in history that will FOREVER be in my mind.
SO, what is the #'s about you may ask. 

11 happened first. 
September 23, 1999 is my anniversary. 
So, here are 11 random things about my wedding day/marriage.

1. We got married on a Thursday. A THURSDAY you may ask, WHO gets married on a Thursday? Well, we did! There are several reasons. Mr. Miller was in school and it was workable around his schedule. Easiest to boot it down to Cardston  for the wedding, UP to Fort Mac for a reception and back to Edmonton to live. I have a brother who came home from his mission 5 days before I got married and we had family that could come out for either my wedding or his homecoming, so we were trying to make it as easy as possible for travelers. My Aunt was working in the Brides room only on Thursday, I wanted to share that day with her. Plus, we were SO NOT rushed! We could enjoy the day. 

2. We have 3 FANTASTIC kids! Seriously, love them to bits. They really make my day everyday. Most days I feel like I am going to go nuts, but I really love them. I really want just one more. I had a miscarriage just after we moved here and had our Little Miss M after that, but I still just feel that pull to one more

3. We have lived in 4 apartments, 1 duplex, spent sometime at each of our parents house and finally bought our first house almost 4 years ago.

. 4. Mr. Miller was doing his bachelor degree when we got married, he just finished his Master's (no, he has not been working on it that long!) He promised no doctorate. If so, he can find another wife. 

5. I still DETEST cooking. Never have liked it but really, I just don't like it. I used to feel guilty.

6. I hate cleaning. I know, people are probably wondering "Why does this woman stay home?" I love to be with my kids but honestly, if I had the money, I would hire someone to cook and clean so I could spend all the time with the kids. 

7. I work. I know, not the "typical" SAHM, but I have a job that is flexible and I can bring my daughter with me and I like that. I like to work and have my home monotony broken up. 

8. We drive each other crazy. We really are polar opposites and so working together can make it difficult, but somehow, we do it.

9. This is more of a funny story. Poor Mr. Miller was so nervous on our wedding night we spent it in the hotel parking lot! He locked his keys in the car. I know, romantic!

10. We don't really travel much but we have gone to Victoria, BC for under 36 hours, but then he went back there for 2 summers for his masters degree. I traveled out there one summer, me and 3 KIDS (one 5 months old!) to pick him up. We have been to Alaska and LOVED it. We WILL go back. We love it there. W have been to Southern Utah. He wants to go to England and tour his mission. Valium for the plane ride please!

11. He delivered our 2nd child. We were in the Hospital and knew the Doctor. The doc turned the shoulders and that was pretty much it. He said "I want to be a Doctor!" After. Nope, he'd have to get a different wife.

What is the 9? L is the lucky child in our family that shares his birthday with our anniversary! (All our kids share a birthday, pressure if we have another one!) 9 random facts about L

1. He was by FAR my longest labour, (29.5 hours labour! OUCH!!!) I went in and really didn't want to have an epidural. Got induced, nothing. bummer. Got induced again and finally started labour. Laboured for 17 hours before dilating. I know, you are jealous! I begged for a epidural and fell asleep when I got it. Loved it! He had and still has the BIGGEST head I have ever seen on a child! 
39.5 cm's around! He had to be vacuumed out. Try explaining THAT to your child. 

2. He is my most creative child! He LOVES art and it really is his outlet. His drawings are so intricate and detailed. I love looking at his drawings. 

3. I am so happy he is the oldest. He is so stinkin responsible. He is always doing what he can to help with his younger siblings, and I so appreciate that.

4. He never really talked until he was 4.5 years old. He could, just didn't. Drove me crazy then, now I go crazy cause he talks FOREVER. Gives me a run for my money! Sometimes I have to literally have to remind myself, "YOU wanted HIM to talk!) But he loves to talk, especially at night, when he wants a snuggle. He will talk about everything and anything. 

5. If he loves you, he is not afraid to tell you! He does not just love anyone. Usually, it's humor that gets him. 

6. He is a great friend! He comes home from school and gets all defensive of the kids who bother his friends. I have a feeling that he could go to the Principal's office a few times, but he is never physical. 

7. Still does not know what he wants to be when he grows up. I'm ok with that.

8. Plays soccer but hates it. We have a family rule that at least 1 sport must be played. That is to try and prevent him just sitting in front of the TV or doing nothing. He picked the "easiest" sport. I am just glad it's not hockey where it's ridiculous hours!

9. He loves to go to Church! He loves to go, listen to his teachers, talk with his friends, learn more. He got complimented on his singing a while ago. Oh my, now he is practicing ALL the time! I love it!!! I love to see him confident!