“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


So, our oldest son, L has a learning disability.
Cannot remember the name of it, but basically is mid grade 2 level in reading, comprehension and math.
When he sees a word, he can see nothing else other than that word, ie:ask him to spell "mast" and he will.
Ask him to change 1 letter in it to make the word "past" and he cannot do it.
He is very literal in life and in spelling as well it seems.
Comprehension is so not there.
We have had the MOST AMAZING! teacher one could have in a school!
She pushed for testing of him so he can extra help in the school and so Mr. Miller and I can help him at home.

We have been working like crazy with his spelling because we are all quite certain that when he gets teh spelling of words, the comprehension will follow.

Mr. Miller and I have the habit (as I do believe most parents do) of spelling out words we did not want the kids to understand and since L has not understood what we were spelling, until the past few months.
Now, he believes that is the sole way to communicate!
It has been such a blessing for us.
L and I have had whole conversations with us spelling out what we wanted to say.
His spelling at school on tests have been improved at rapid rates of speed.
We are seeing 100% on tests!
We are seeing comprehension!
We are seeing math improve!
He is getting it!

It's been kind of fun.
We will have 20-30 minute conversations spelling it out.
We will have conversations around the dinner table spelling it out.
It's been alot of fun.
It's been a great way for us to bond and learn to communicate.
Which has been good.
That has always been difficult for us.
The Lord works in amazing ways.
I am greatful for that.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The light of Christ



(I don't know yet how to do that cute HERE thing on my blog. I know, I am a novice.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago yesterday, we had a fire.
Thank goodness we didn't loose our house.
How blessed we are.
I had put a pot on to boil.
Turned on the wrong burner.
The burner I turned on had a plastic ice cream bucket on it.
I was downstairs and heard the smoke alarm going off.
Crap I thought.
Ran upstairs and saw the flames reflection on the wall as I came upstairs.
This was not just the fact the water is boiling.
I screamed to the kids it was a fire and to get out.
I threw a dutch oven lid on the fire.
Not good enough.
The fire had hit the back of the stove and the electrics of the stove.
At some point in this mess, 911 was called.
I managed to pull the stove away from the wall.
There is no cupboards around it, so it was easy.
I remember looking out the side door at sometime and seeing L holding Miss M and b with no shoes on.
They did as we had planned, go to the neighbors.

I remember staanding outside knowing Mr. Miller had a horrible day at work.
 He pulled up and I said the kids were o.k and cried.
I remember being so emotional.
Greatful the kids were safe and happy we didn't loose the house.
It really helped me to remember what is important.
Nothing else really matters.

Greatful for insurance and that it covers stupidity.
That was what it was and no other way around it.
I thought we would be back in our house in a week, it was just a small fire after all.
There is NO SUCH THING as a SMALL fire!
The soot gets into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!
On the main floor, if it was plastic, it was gone.
Wood, gone.
food, gone.
fabric, it was steam cleaned.
There was not really much burned, but so much gone.
To be honest, I really wonder how much the people who did our clean kept for themselves!
All L wanted for Christmas was to be in our house.
It could be up to 6 months til we were back in our house.
I didn't like that answer and pestered the heck out of our cleaners.
7 weeks later, we were home.

Sometimes I still feel so emotional about the fire.
What if we lost a child?
THAT would kill me.
Each and every child of ours is so precious.
When we say our prayers and ask for His protective care, we never really understand how he will answer us.
I am greatful for His love and His care.

So happy we get to spend all of Christmas in OUR home.
We told the kids we would not go unless they asked us if they could go somewhere.
THAT is how we will spend our Christmas.
It will be wonderful!

Monday, December 7, 2009


So, there is this commercial that Mr. Miller laughs his butt off at all the time. It's the IKEA commercial where the lady gets such a great deal and she leaves IKEA yelling "START THE CAR, START THE CAR!" Well, I didn't go to IKEA, but today I was at dollarama. I keep going by and looking at the canning jar lids, mostly to see if they got standard size in. The didn't, but the did have the wide mouth and snap size there. SOMEONE, not me or anyone I know, forgot to put a price on the wide wouths, so the were $1!!!! If I had to buy them full price at wal mart, they are $4/box. So, I bought them all, 27 of them! I feel so blessed. I still have some canning to do this year and have so far used 10 boxes of wide mouths alone. I feel so blessed and greatful for feeling like I should go and check. Last time, they did not have any lids at all. I am amazed this canning season how much we have gotten for cheap or for free. I had no clue how we could do it, and the Lord truly has provided a way for us!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

my weight

I am fat, I know that.
It has taken me a while to come to terms with that and really admit that.
I know what you are all thinking, "How did she not notice????????????"
It's not that I didn't notice.
I just didn't really deal with the facts.
I can look in the mirror and SEE that I am fat, but just ignored it.

I have bee doing alot of observing of people lately.
The skinny ones, middle weights and the heavier ones.
I watch and see how much more easier it is for the skinnier ones to move.
As I watch people and see the heavier people have a harder time get around, I wonder.
"how long will it be until I am like that"
"how long will it be until I get easily winded when I walk"
"how long will it be until I find myself sitting down more than standing"
"how long will it be until I cannot cross my legs anymore"
"how long will it be until I cannot run and do activities with my kids"
"how long will it be until I cannot do the things I love because my weight is too high"
  "how long will it be until I die because of my weight"

I already "am like that"
I already get winded
I already am sitting more than standing
I can still cross my legs!
I already have a hard time getting out with L and kicking the soccer ball and running after the kids
I already have limited the things I love because of my weight.
I am obviously not dead, but wonder if I keep it up, will I die an early death.

 The one person who is SOLELY responsible for my weight is ME!
I know that, I am not stupid.
There are changes that I have to make, but they are hard!
I have to feel that I AM WORTH IT, and no, I do not feel like I am worth the work.
Is that an excuse, maybe, but I do not feel like I am worth it.

So, some changes have to be made.
First and formost, my eating habits.
They are HORRIBLE!!!!
If the food is greasy, gross and bad for you, I love it.
Don't know why, just do.
I have to excersize.
I hate going to the gym.
All those skinny folks running around looking at the fat chick, I hate.
I know, I should not care, but I do.
So, for a while, I will do it in my home.
I am trying to come up with a time and workouts I will like so I can do it here.

Any POSITIVE encouragement would be accepted!