“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Difficult people

( Let me preface this by saying that I realize that MY definition of a difficult person is probably totally different than your definition, and that I realize that I am considered a difficult person to some people)

I have never been a fan of people who are difficult
Some are difficult on purpose
Some are difficult so they can get their own way
Some are difficult just because that is who they are

I have never really known HOW to deal with someone who is difficult, no matter their "reason" for being difficult
For a long time, I would eat
I would bottle up my feelings inside and go out of my way to not deal with them

I have decided to do things a bit differently now
I have decided to look at people who are difficult as a blessing
Yep, a blessing
I have been trying VERY HARD to change the way I look at things and have a better outlook on life

For me, looking at someone who is difficult as a blessing has helped me change myself 
When I see someone who is being difficult (often bullying!), I say to myself 
"Thank-you. Thank-you for being a great example to me of who I don't want to be"

When I was telling someone about it they really didn't get my point of view
I didn't expect them to, it was just my point of view
But as I watched this situation unfold, saw how MAD, frustrated, hurt, upset the person who was being treated unfairly became, I knew that I had made a choice that was good for me
I had not wasted my time, energy, attention and focus was not lifted from my priorities because of this person acting the way they were
Instead I took the way they were treating me and others and made a pact with myself 

That I would never treat others as they had treated us

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Normally I know what I will type as a heading before I start writing.
Not today.

This morning M, who is 4, woke up mostly happy.
She came out and was talking to her brothers before they left for school.
When they left she says to me "Mom, let's go to your bed and snuggle for a minute"
So we climbed under the 3 super warm blankets and talked for about 15 minutes.
I loved every second of it.
She wanted to talk about boys (surprize there!), school, cooking, her brothers, her dad, the colour purple, her cousins that she misses and patterns. 
I sat there and watched her eyes sparkle as she talked the whole time.
It was a moment where I knew that I would never get it back. 
I knew that no matter how busy my life was, I spent those 15 minutes doing the best thing I could be doing.

I spent the rest of the day just feeling so grateful.
Grateful for a little 4 year old who is headstrong but loveable.
Who has this wild curly hair that she will spend a good 20 minutes doing.
Who loves to try and sneak my makeup on.
Who has a mind like a sponge.
Who really, truly, honestly LOVES her brothers.
Who will colour anything she can get her hands on.
Who is fantastic at helping with the laundry!
Who loves to "help" me cook.
Who has these super cute little dimples when she smiles.
Who loves little kids. 

I am so grateful she came to our family. 
What a blessing she is.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I am not your typical mother

(This story ends well, don't worry)

I have some very specific rules in my house.
The first to follow the ten commandments.
The second, and no, I am not joking, is that I do NOT clean puke.
I have been a mother for 11+ years and I will do anything but clean puke.
My kids know this and Mr. Miller knows that if he wants to clean just one mess, he cleans up after the kids puke.

The other day B came home and said he didn't feel well. 
I personally thought he was trying to get out of going to karate. 
He SEEMED well enough to pester his brother and sister so I made him go and do his flyers. 
We walk in the door and 5 minutes later, he got sick.
I guess that's what I get for thinking that he was faking it.
Good thing Mr. Miller was around to clean it.

M faked sick all day yesterday. 
She often does this for attention.
B was sick and got it so she figured she would.
This morning she said she was not feeling great but honestly, had not shown one sign of being sick, so off to school she went.

I get a call at 9:45 that she puked in the classroom. 
Mr. Miller was at work alllllllllll day long and that means that I would have to clean any messes.
My MIL went and got her since I was working (thank-you!) and when I showed up at the house she had not puked again.
I was thinking I was in the clear and that she would not puke again.
And then she learned something.
She learned how much I really do not handle puke.
(I drive for work so on days like this and she is sick, she can come with me)
After a few times of her getting sick, she realized that momma don't do well.
Then she became a terd.
She would wretch LIKE she was puking, I would FREAK out and she would laugh and say "Gotcha"
Seriously, I am in more trouble than I can imagine when she becomes a teenager.
She got a kick out of it.
That said, she learned how serious I am about her hitting the bucket.

I learned (again) and more importantly what amazing boys I have.
L is my 11 year old. 
He says to me "Mom, you know I have no school on Monday. If you and M are still sick, I will take care of you. You can lay down, tell me what to do and I will make you lunch"

I could not be more blessed with the 3 little miracles that have come to our home.
Even if they are terd's sometimes.