“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I know I am giving out family info, don't know how to not.
We are SO proud of B and his accomplishments!
In a few weeks we are headed off to the first Pan-Am games of martial arts.
I am so proud of him and how hard he has worked.
what a little man!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. M's day in court

Mr. M was in court today. 
This is not USUALLY where he finds himself, he's a teacher.
In November, he got a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign. 
He came home and was ticked (I mean really, who isn't when they get a ticket)
He was talking to me about how there was a truck and trailer parked on the road where he was exiting from.
I said to him, "Let's go and BUY a disposable camera (That is really key) and go and take pictures.
So we went and stopped at the store, got a disposable camera and went to take pictures.

This is the truck and trailer that was blocking him from view of the cop. 
We went there, he took pictures and we timed how long a vehicle was hidden behind the truck and trailer.
It was 6 seconds.
Mr. M's defense was how could he receive a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign when he could not be seen for 6 seconds.
$287 in our pockets!

The key to this was the disposable camera.
Because we used a disposable we could hand over the negatives and they could see that we did not alter the pictures.
Digital pictures are not always upheld in court because they can be altered.
The only thing that he did wrong was not take pictures of the policeman's point of view.
But he WON!!!!
And the thing I am most proud of is when Mr. M and the police officer left the court, they shook hands and had a chat for a few minutes, no hard feelings. 
I know sometimes when we go thru a hard time hard feelings are easy to be had, but it was left at the courthouse.
What a blessing. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

mish mash and a holy crapload of pictures.

I have not done pictures in forever. I try to do pictures so my family who don't live here can see what we have been up to and see how much our kids have changed. Sometimes I shock myself with how quick they have grown up myself! Heavens only knows I love those little kids to bits. Get comfy.

SERIOUSLY????? ABSOLUTELY!!! It was a super proud day in our house when he got it! I cried. I am so proud of him and his hard work. What I really love is now that he got it, he want's to stay on the Honor Roll! He works so hard. Bringing home 90's on tests. Oh he has to work super hard for it. Studying in a very different way than I have ever seen, but it works for him! I am so proud of his hard work.

So one night L comes to me and said, "Mom, do you know that strawberries are really good dipped in icing sugar?" There was a mess made but he seriously loved it!

M and B had a karate tournament in Prince Albert, SK. It was M's first tournament. It was so fun to watch her! She really had no clue but did great! The last one is her when she was going around asking people if they wanted a "muckle Sammwich" It is cute but totally un-girl like. We say, "It's not the brother's M's boyfriends will have to worry about, it's M!" She is tough and not shy about it. 

B showing off his batons from Aunt M and A. He LOVES them! 

B's toothless grin! He has the most crooked tooth on the bottom I am worried about. We shall see.

This is the day B got his GREEN STRIPE on his orange belt! It's a big move! It means he is progressing. I am so proud of how hard he works at it. He has qualified for the Pan-am of Martial Arts in Regina in June! We are going and holy am I ever nervous!

I love this picture! We were visiting my parents and M was sick. She was sleeping and her cousin S was trying to go down for a nap. I love this picture because you can see S's smile just barely but you can tell how excited she was by her eyes! It was a blast.

This is how L, B and M spent the week of spring break, they all got a nasty flu! L got over it pretty quick but B and M were awake for only 2 hours a day! It was horrible. Glad it's done.

So I went out to one of my friends farms. Oh my, how fun was it! The baby chicks and ducks were SO cute and I wanted to kidnap them. No dice. L rode on/drove a quad for the first time ever. He screamed like a girl when he took off but LOVED it! B loved it too. It was so kind of them to take the time so we could see their farm. I drove a quad too. I was terrified but it was SO much fun! I am so grateful we could go!

M and B at the karate tournament here. M did good, she even got 2nd out of 3 places in her kata! I was shocked but we have practiced so many times and she did great! 

We saw a solar power car! Cool eh?

So this is M and her "driver" We have a Mennonite family who moved in next door to us. They have 5 kids. This is the 2nd oldest child. M has been watching these kids ride these around for a few days. Today she got the nerve up to ask for a ride. This entertained her for at least 1/2hour! She would just go, sit in there, hold her purse and let him drive her up and down the sidewalks. The kid kept going back and forth. I loved watching it! Don't you just love how they have the battery rigged up? lol

That's it for a bit. I am so gonna try and be better about this. Summer is coming up and so lots of pics will be of my garden. I can hardly wait!

Friday, May 13, 2011


So last night I wanted to blog but blogger had issues.
So do I.
I know, "WHAT? someone will admit to having issues?" 
Yep, I have issues.
Which is why I have not blogged. 

This winter kicked my trash! 
Seriously, I could not get outta winter quick enough.
Not sure why, I don't think it got to -40 even this winter. 
I think for me it was that the snow came quicker than the last few years and for 9 weekends in a row we had snowstorms. 
I don't travel unless the weather is nice.
I am a chicken, I will freely admit it.
We have studded tires on our can, still won't go.
So it meant a LOT of weekends sitting around doing not much at all.
I know what you are thinking "Oh, her house must be SO clean!" 
yeah, no.

I have been trying to work thru my issues. 
I started going to see a counselor. 
I am ok going most of the time, sometimes it's hard though.
I have been trying to figure out how to let things go.
I am so not good at it, actually I really suck at it.
Lots of things just roll off my back really easy, so stick there like they have been stuck on with crazy glue. 
I hate that about myself, I wish I could be better at letting things go.
Hoping the counselor can help me learn to let go of things.

I have been reading a book about being ok with things not being perfect (J, I will do another book report for you if you want when I am done.)
It's actually been really good to read. It's helped me to realize that things don't have to be perfect all the time, it's ok if somethings are just "good enough"

SO 2 nights ago I went outside to weed my garden.
It turned into weeding the garden AND mowing the lawn.
I went to bed with a smile on my face! 
I forgot how good it felt to get dirt under my nails (I don't use gloves)
I love the smell of freshly cut grass and paired with dirt under my nails, loved it.

I was looking thru my seeds for planting.
We have our garden out back and a community garden plot.
Hopefully by Monday night we can have our community garden planted.
Potatoes and green beans are going in there.
The rest of the garden may go in on the long weekend.
Then B gets baptized the 28th. 
To think I have had my miracle for almost 8 years.