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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Excess Baggage

So, I was thinking about life today while I was working.
My house is full of things, life things, kids things and CLOTHES.
Kids clothes.
I have A LOT of  kids clothes. 
Mostly clothes for little miss M.
40 pairs of pants for her. 
yep, she is 2.5 years old.
And 40 is all I will admit to.
(And while some may think, "How much does she spend on clothes, 95% of all my kids clothes are 2nd hand)
She has plenty of shirts tons of dresses.
more than she needs.
I have talked about it a bit on my facebook and in my private conversations with others.
I know I have to get rid of some, well, lots of them.

To be honest, I get nervous when I think about getting rid of their clothes. 
Mr. Miller thinks I have lots of stuff that is valuable that I just don't use because I have so much. 

I have thought about how all my extra clothes clothes relate to all the extra baggage I have in my life.
Extra clothes, extra weight, extra canning jars (1000!), in my food storage, I have extra of the basics than the calculation for our family.
I am comfortable with "excess" I actually think I love it. 
Not necessarily the weight part of it but obviously no concerned with it enough to have lost it yet.

Our house cannot handle all the excess we have, so I have to purge. 
I am hoping that as I become comfortable with getting rid of my excess clothing, which is NOT an easy thing for me to do, I will be comfortable with getting rid of the other excess stuff's I have kicking around. 



kimara said...

Luck! I think we all have too much excess! That is what comforts us. It is such a good feeling getting rid of stuff so have fun and feel the freedom!

*K* said...

Good luck!! It feel so great to get rid of excess things that we don't really need. You'll be feeling better about the whole thing sooner than you think!

JRoberts said...

I purged last year and had a garage sale...there was enough money after for 300 bags of wheat! :) I just let P know that all the money was going to food storage and it was a GO!