“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kinda sappy

Today I want to blog about my kids. 
I am going to turn comments off just because. 
Feel free to email me or message me if you know me.

Some days, I cannot get over how much I really truly LOVE my children.
They are these amazing little spirits that feed my soul.
This morning L was headed out the door and he realized that he forgot to kiss his little sister M goodbye.
He turned around so he could give her a hug and a kiss and said "I love you M!"
(this is a pre-teen boy)
She looks at him with a bit of mischievousness in her eyes and says "I love you too sweetheart"
At that moment, I knew I was the most blessed mom around.
I started to get a bit teary and said a prayer of gratitude that I have 3 children. 
Gratitude that they love each other.
Gratitude that they are willing to protect each other.
Gratitude that they are grateful for each other. 
People have asked me "How do you get your kids to love each other?"
To be honest, I am not sure what I have done.
I show them love, I give them love, I let them love, I let them show love.
When I had each of my kids, I let them be passed around so they could feel the love that people have for them and their soul.
When I had B, he was really close in age to L. 
So many people told me "Don't let your older one hold your baby"
I am so glad I ignored that advice!
I let him hold him, kiss him, hug him.
They are very close.
When I had M, the biggest problem was that I didn't have 2 kids, each of the boys was always wanting to be the one to hold her.
I let them help with everything, including diaper changes.
They bathed her, they changed her clothes, they burped her.
If I did it, they did it. 
Except nurse her.
Although B tried one time!
Poor little man didn't realize he didn't have the proper plumbing.

The past while I have been focusing on the kids having less time on the TV and computer.
What a blessing!
B has become the happiest little man around town!
He had become quite the grump, not any more!
He is happy, willing to help and be helped, kind and considerate.
I knew it was a good thing when I felt that prompting.

M has been walking around the house all day saying stuff like, "I love you mom" "I just love that you are my mom" "I love being here"
This is the kind of day that is filling my cup and making me feel like my cup runneth over.
I am so grateful for them blessing my life.

I love you my kids,