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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Auntie Jo

It's a name I have been called for 14.5 years. I do not remember if it was a name I gave myself, or if it was one that was given to me by my niece, A. At that time in my life, I was going by Josie. It was a kind of easy name to say, but hey, Jo is easier. It is one I love to hear as much as Mom. As mom, I have to be the hard one, the one that does not always give kids their way. As "auntie Jo", I get to be the fun one, the one that gives them what they want. I only get to see them every now and then, so it is my time to let loose and have fun. I love them all so much. I love to see their successes in life. I love their develpoment.

I look at my life and when I have felt true joy. Before I became a mother, it was any moment I gt to spend with a nephew or niece. I remember the first time I met each and everyone of them. Most were VERY emotional. If any of you REALLY know me, that will not come as a surprise. The second I saw them, they slipped into my heart. So much fun and have been had since then. I marvel at how mature they are. They have gone from these little humans to now some teenagers, pre-teens and toddlers.

I hope that I always get to be "auntie Jo" no matter how old they get. It is such a fun responsibility. I really wish I could explain how much they really mean to me. I cannot. So, I spoil them. It is a title I hold high LOVE IT!!! And all my love to them all.

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JRoberts said...

LOVE to be an auntie! You really can be the cool one, the fun one and the one that is awesome! I also love it when they get bigger and come to you with stuff. (taught my 14 year old nephew how to Text the other day!) :)

I have fond memories of my aunts being that to me (still are) and are closer than some friends...I want to be that to my nieces and nephews!