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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last week and holy boring Saskatchewan!

Last week was crazy. Like ridiculous crazy. I hope I don't have to do another week like that ever again. I had 2 really BEST parts of my week though!
1. We went up to Calgary for Mr. Miller to have a conference. It was nice to go as a family. The BEST part was seeing my cousin and her family that I have not seen in maybe 14 years! It's been WAY too long. I was greeted with the best hug I could have been given. So I got to see my cousin V, her daughter T and meet V's boyfriend J. It was so nice to see them all after so many years! T is battling cancer. 18 years old and has fought so hard her whole life and now she is battling cancer for the 2nd time. She has the BEST smile around! I admire her and how hard her fight is but she has this amazing smile that she flashes! I loved it. She inspires me to be a better person. The next day we played in the pool and then went to Ikea. I got this bookcase for my kitchen. I know what you are thinking. For her kitchen, really? I have limited counter space in my kitchen and no where to put things, a shoe shelf that blocks my doorway downstairs. I am just finishing getting it all put together but when it is I will post a picture.

2. I went to Prince Albert Saskatchewan. Ok, really, THAT is not a highlight. But the karate tournament that was there was a highlight. B and M both fought! We went there with the intention of only B fighting but we enrolled M in there as well. It was so cute. B got 1st in his kata and 2nd in points sparring and 2nd in weapons sparring. M got 4th in weapons and points sparring each. Here are a few pictures.

B getting his first! Photo by Marla Fehr

M during her first weapons fight. She could not even see thru the masks. It was quite hilarious to watch! What patience the refs had with her.

M showing her "muckle samich" She was convinced she was supposed to do that when she went out to fight. Now to teach her self defense. 

Before we went to Saskatchewan I was almost excited to go. I live 45 minutes from there and have never been there before. Well, now I have been there and I can report that there is not much to see. Mapquest said it was 7 hours and thank-fully it was only 6 hours. I drove for about 4 hours. And then I was so tired because there was NOTHING to look at, so I had Mr. M take over. And then apparently I was talking too much so Mr. M said "Is there anyone you can text?" So I found my niece who literally saved my sanity and texted me while we drove. I had to hold my cell to the roof of my van to have it send/receive texts but I was desperate so I did. She's a good texter and entertained the heck outta me. THANK-YOU A! 

The following is my thoughts on the drive. I say it all with a sense of humor that hopefully will be understood.
1. It's BORING, like really boring to drive SK. I am so not a good person to get bored. Not good for anyone. I get really annoying when I am bored, like beyond annoying.
2. Spring is here. I am pretty sure of it. You know those swarms of bugs you see on the highway. I saw 3 of them right in a row.
3. Mr. M does NOT know what a red diamond sign means on the highway. Do you?
4. 5 minutes into Mr. M driving I was the one asking "are we there yet?" It was THAT bad.
5. I like to travel the speed limit. there are a few reasons for that. Gas is beyond ridiculously expensive and the faster you go, the more it guzzles. Also I think, "We prayed for safety on the road but we are driving like a madman" If Mr. M had his way he would go faster. But he does not like to be asked to slow down. So I tap his leg so he will slow. By the end of the trip he would slow when I started to move my hand over. Smart man.
6. If I have family that moves there they won't get a visit. This is my forewarning. So if they move there I will take it as a hint that they don't wanna see me ever again. 
7. I always wondered why there are so many people that come here from SK. It's cause they are looking for SOMETHING to do. SOMETHING, ANYTHING!!! 
8. We had people stop in the middle of the road to look at deer. SERIOUSLY, PULL OVER!
9. With all that said, I know we have to go back to SK in June. B qualified for the Pan Am Martial Arts Games in Regina, so I will go back for that! I have a rule where I don't say "I will never do this or that" because I have learned that when I say it, I have to eat my word. I don't feel like eating my words in this case.
10. I may have to get Ativan to go back in June. Funny, I thought Ativan was just for plane rides and dentist appointments.
11. the GOOD thing about the trip? I got my eyebrows tweezed really good. Same with my chin hairs.


Kimara said...

Ok this post was so funny! I have been to Sask so I know the feeling! It is boring. I have never had Sean suggest I text someone with my talking...I hope he doesn't read it or he might! I am glad that it was successful.

JRoberts said...

Oh poor you! :)

We have an aunt and uncle in Saskatoon. All their kids live there too. Let's just say that the visits are few and FAR between! :)