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Monday, March 21, 2011

A lesson in Forgiveness

For Christmas L got a DSI. 
He has since purchased his own games (other than the one he got as well) and has loved playing Pokemon Heartgold.
He has worked so hard to progress in this game. 
He was on the 2nd last Gymleader. 
(What that means I don't really know but I know it's taken him and his brother B a LONG time to get here!) 
They have always been very careful with where they put the DSI so their little sister M would not get it. 
Well yesterday they made the mistake and put it down and walked away. 
Sure enough, little miss M got it.
And she deleted all their hard work.
When L figured it out, there was tears, the crocodile kind. 
He was mad, he was upset, he was bawling. 
M walked into the room and I asked her if she got into his DSI.
She admitted she had.
She could see how mad/sad/upset L was.
She started to cry.
"Mom, I don't want L to be mad at me."

The following is a moment in my life that I will never forget.
L gets down on her level, looks her in the eyes and says,"M, I am upset you got into my DSI and never asked. I am mad that you deleted all my hard work, but I love you and I forgive you."

I love that little 9 year old man who melts my heart and helps to teach me on a daily basis.


*K* said...

wow, thats awesome. you got some special little people in that house Joc!

kimara said...

That is an example of what a great mom you are! I love that L is such a great little guy! very good lesson learned

JRoberts said...

Sweet. Those little people just keep teaching us lessons don't they?!