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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. M's day in court

Mr. M was in court today. 
This is not USUALLY where he finds himself, he's a teacher.
In November, he got a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign. 
He came home and was ticked (I mean really, who isn't when they get a ticket)
He was talking to me about how there was a truck and trailer parked on the road where he was exiting from.
I said to him, "Let's go and BUY a disposable camera (That is really key) and go and take pictures.
So we went and stopped at the store, got a disposable camera and went to take pictures.

This is the truck and trailer that was blocking him from view of the cop. 
We went there, he took pictures and we timed how long a vehicle was hidden behind the truck and trailer.
It was 6 seconds.
Mr. M's defense was how could he receive a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign when he could not be seen for 6 seconds.
$287 in our pockets!

The key to this was the disposable camera.
Because we used a disposable we could hand over the negatives and they could see that we did not alter the pictures.
Digital pictures are not always upheld in court because they can be altered.
The only thing that he did wrong was not take pictures of the policeman's point of view.
But he WON!!!!
And the thing I am most proud of is when Mr. M and the police officer left the court, they shook hands and had a chat for a few minutes, no hard feelings. 
I know sometimes when we go thru a hard time hard feelings are easy to be had, but it was left at the courthouse.
What a blessing. 


JRoberts said...

stop sign tickets are so hard to prove for the cop...P took one to court and won as well, it is tricky for them to say that you did it when it is really his against your word. :)

Good thought on your camera photos.

Kimara said...

The question is...did he really stop? I am glad that you guys won $287 is a lot of money! I will keep in mind the digital camera idea!

Jenn said...

congratulations...i remember when that happened. it also seems like the stop sign is hard to see.