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Monday, June 27, 2011

did you know there is such a thing as float fairies?

 I didn't. I know, how could i go my whole life and not know about float fairies? Well, we found out tonight that there is such a thing and honestly, it was perfectly timed! I have been crazy doing taxes (2 years worth, I know, my fault!), 5 passports, getting ready for Quest and trying to not go crazy planning summer holidays since school ends tomorrow!

(picture the next part being told by L)
We were all doing something in the living room and there was a knock at the door and we were like "oh it's the neighbor's" so we waited a few seconds to answer the door. And then I opened the door and no one was there. I was like "what?!" and then I looked down and was puzzled. There was some ice cream, root beer, orange pop and some really looooooooooong straws. Then one of the kids from next door  came running up and said "there were 2 people who came to your door, put the stuff down and ran! One had gold hair and the other had blue! Come, let me show you where they went!" So I ran around the corner and saw them leaving but could not catch them. So I went back to see what  they left. They said it was from the "float fairies" 

It was so cute to see the little kids next door all curious, not sure why someone would come and leave this on our doorstep and why they would have blue hair. 

I think my favorite part was when we were standing out on our porch hearing their updates, people who could have been our float fairies drove by. I am not totally sure it was the float fairies though because the person in the passenger covered the drivers face with a paper or a towel as he was driving down the road. I am just glad there was no accident. 
(Honestly, if it's the people I think it is, I can just picture the conversation in the vehicle "Oh no, they are out on the step, duck, hide! cover your faces!!!!" I really wish you knew how much I am laughing picturing this whole thing going down. I REALLY DO NOT want to know 100% who it is, I like having this fun going on in my head!)

Here are a few pictures from the enjoyment of the floats. My camera battery was dead so I charged it for a few minutes and then took pics.

We shared with our neighbors. ( they have never had a float before! Heard of it, never had it, how fun it was to share it with them!)

So then B found out I thought I knew who it was. And pestered me the whole night! 
"Mom, I will pay you all the money I have!"
"Mom, pretty, pretty please!"
"Mom, can you give me a hint"
"Ok, here is your 2 hints, you know them and I think they go to our church"
"Mom, that could be almost ANYBODY!"
"That was my point B"
"Okay fine then, I am going to watch for people at church with blue and gold hair then!"
"Makes sense, go ahead"

Here is his "pestering me" face

I know, scary eh?

This is what I found tonight after the kids were in bed. Oh how they enjoyed them.
To our float fairies, THANK-YOU! It was such a wonderful treat and a ton of fun! Our family loved the treat and gave us something fun to talk about. Thank-you from the whole M family.


kimara said...

I want a float fairy! I love the long straws. Hmmmm. Blue hair must have been a senior sister....lol

*K* said...

ive never heard of a float fairy before...it sounds awesome! besides the fact that I can't drink pop...lol.

Jenn said...

i'm jealous...can you send float fairies my way? or maybe i should be a float fairy! where do i get blue or gold hair though?

JRoberts said...

Humm...float faeries! :)

They had the coolest straws in faery land! :)