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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finishing up L days

See this is why I am a bad blogger. I miss a day, and then 2 and then think "what is the point, I am so far behind" well, this is catch up then.
L days was compiled of many different things. One of them is a rain check.
We did lots of drawing. Which at first was going to drive me crazy, but I tried to remember this was about HIM! So I said I was cool with drawings as long as it was something different every time, so it was. He loved having people draw for him. Art is very important to him. 
One day he said he didn't want to celebrate because we were at his cousins birthday party and didn't want to take attention from them that day. How sweet eh? 
One day we watched a movie he picked (Despicable Me) love it!
The rain check? He wants to go for a walk in a park. The kicker? He wants to do it in the snow! The things I do for the kids I love! 

We had a few friends come bowling with us. I am not a fan of big massive parties, way too much stress. So this was nice of him to have just a few friends and go bowling and go out for pizza. 

And then I made his "cake" He wanted minions. He saw it here first and LOVED it so he begged me to make them. I will forewarn you I am NOT creative. I have some things I love to do, but really, cake decorating is not my forte at all. So I did my best. Be kind if you comment! 

how cute Eh? I love them.

I am blessed to have the best 10 year old a mother could wish for. I can hardly wait to go for a walk in the snow with him. I love you L. Thank-you for coming to our family and making it a better family. 


kimara said...

It doesn't matter how far behind we get as long as we keep trying to catch up! I love the little minions they turned out awesome!!!!!

JRoberts said...

Your minions rock! :) Great job on them.

Christal said...

Those are awesome! and your L is like my K in my life! They are one of a kind aren't they and such blessings!! love it!