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Thursday, September 15, 2011

L days number 3

Well, as I suspected L would happily pick relaxing every day if allowed. I had previously told him that he got to pick one this and it needed to be different. 
There was kind of 2 things he got today. Today was the day of his "teacher welcome" at his school. His request was that we all go AND that we do not embarrass him. I said to him, "But L, we were all going to go, this is not celebrating you" His response?
"By not embarrassing me, you are celebrating me!" 
I guess that is important to a almost 10 year old. I almost felt like I was cheating him out of his "L" days celebration but it is what he wanted. 
That is until we got home. He said, "Mom, member when we were in the states this summer and you bought me my video game? Well today is September 15th (they were not allowed to have it until today) and I was wondering if I could play it." 
He got 15 minutes that he didn't have to "earn" 
Good thing my kids remember stuff like me buying it and where I put it. We bought it about 6 weeks ago and I said to them, "This is not yours until Sept 15th. If you pester me, I will not let you have it. And you will need to remember where I put it when we get home" 
Of course they remembered where I put it and they never pestered me once!

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kimara said...

Well what fun is it if you can't embarrass your kids! Good thing it is his birthday.