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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just wanting to document today

Today has been a L work at his own pace kind of a day. 
I usually like to be done school when we can but today, I knew if I tried to rush, it could turn our day for the worse. 
We had nothing else we needed to do, no where we needed to go.
I woke up with a migraine and a kink in my neck.
I was not pushing him to work faster than he can.
We were finishing up the day with making gliders.
We finished the experiment and when school was done, L looks at his little sister and says, "Let's take this experiment outside!"
He helped her get bundled up for the outside.
I watched as he lovingly did up her zipper on her jacket and helped her find her mittens.
I can hear them outside now.
I knew I would enjoy homeschooling.
I really love it!
I love the bond I have been able to develop with my son.
I love watching him learn.
I love seeing him be kinder, sweeter, less stressed.
I LOVE the no homework!!!
I love him.

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