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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

To the lady...

(This may come out as mean but I am not trying to be mean, just document how I feel)

To the lady who told me that by homeschooling my son, he would turn out weird.
Honestly, your opinion is not one I care about.
( I don't really know you so why would I care?)
I don't know why you would feel like I would care about your opinion if you gave it.
Would you listen to me if I said things about your kids?
Especially if it was negative?
Probably not and I would understand.

It is a comment though that has rolled around in my head every now and again.
I don't really let it bug me. 
I did until I realized I didn't put value on this person's opinion.

But there are moments that it comes to mind and I think
"If this is weird then I will take weird any day!"

Moments like this.
This morning I was in my room while my son was working on math. 
He comes into my room, gives me a hug, looks at me and says "Mom, I love you."
For a young man who is not an overly affectionate kid at all, this is a moment that makes my heart soar!

There are times he comes to me perplexed with a problem and says 
"Mom, I need your help with something. I am just not able to understand this question."
For a young man who has a very hard time asking for help, let alone say he does not understand something, this is huge.
And apparently weird.
I will take weird any day!

There are times when we sit down to read our scriptures together. 
Sometimes he directs the conversation, sometimes I do.
I would not have thought of my son learning to direct Gospel discussions was weird but I will take it.

There was one day I could tell he was just going to struggle thru Math.
That day could have turned into a terrible day for him.
I had the prompting to change Math to making cookies for his Young Men's President.
L really respects and loves his YM's president.
The whole day changed around when he found out he would be making multiple recipes of cookies (doing Math fractions!) 
But his whole attitude was SO much better.
If it is weird that he can learn to serve those who serve him and have a good time doing it, then weird it is!

I have watched my little man learn to love and care for his parents and siblings in a way he never has before.
I have watched him learn to be able to say kindly that he does not agree with me and cause a big fight over something so little.
I have seen a young man become confident in himself, who he is and what he stands for.
I have seen a young man grow closer to the Lord.
I have seen him realize his OWN worth.
I have seen this young man become a peacemaker!
I don't know how that could be considered weird at all.
In fact, these are all traits that I have wanted for him but for the past 12 years, really struggled to know how to help him.
In the 2.5 months we have been homeschooling, I have seen such growth in this young man.
I am proud that he asked me to homeschool him!
I am grateful he has trusted me enough to ask him to do this for him.
I am grateful to be at home so I CAN!
I am grateful to be able to learn alongside him.
I am BEYOND grateful for a great school board who helps me so much.
I am MORE THAN GRATEFUL for those who have walked this path of homeschooling before me and have guided me.
I am grateful that there is a Math Curriculum out there that I don't have to come up with on my own!
I am grateful for those that have helped me to create other curriculum.
I am grateful for learning opportunities with my son that make me realize how blessed I truly am.

L-man, I love you more than you could know.

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