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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I wish I had his confidence

So, B had pictures this week. School pics. he said to me, "Mom, I want to wear something nice, really nice." I asked him what he would like to wear and if he would like to pick it out. He took about 5 minutes picking it out. Yes, this iswhat he wore to school. Cowboy boots, shorts, his blue, button up church shirt and Colnel Sanders bowtie. He took his jacket off for the picture.

He is old enough now to pick his own clothes out. Mostly, you cannot tell, but sometimes, you sure can! I LOVE IT! I know, some people are probably thinking "WHY would you allow your kid to wear that?!?!?!?!" My answer would be, "Because he wanted to." I think in life, there is ALOT to get upset about. This is not one of them. He is a free thinking induvidual and I respect that in him. Of all the choices he has to make out there, this is not a crucial one. It's clothes. AND, I think he's just pretty darn CUTE!!! I hope you like the picture as much as I do. I think it's my favorite picture of him ever. It shows him, who he is and his little personality!


JRoberts said...

WOW! What a good mom...I would let my kids dress however they want here...but not so much out in public. I would totally draw the line at the string tie and cowboy boots...especially together. :)

See, what a good mom!

*K* said...

i think this is totally cute. i loved how you let him wear what he wanted for his school pics. one day in the future he'll laugh about that, i'm sure. and i totally agree with you-not something to get angry about.