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Friday, September 11, 2009

some new stuff!

So, there was an add in the paper this morning, and I called about it. The guy was moving into a condo and getting rid of his canning jars and shelves! I went and got 30 canning jars and had help bringing home a REALLY NICE canning jar shelf! It has had newspaper on it all the time, so it is in immaculate condition. I get another one for FREE tomorrow! I am such a fan of free stuff if you are going to use it!
Then, I went and got FREE plums! It is actually a pretty cool story. I was searching for an address that I was given and was pretty sure I was at the right house and asked if I could pick the plums I had called about earlier. I was at the WRONG house! Oh, oh. As I was walking away, she said, "well, I do have a plum tree in the backyard and I am not going to use them, so if you want to pick them, you can!" I was totally excited. I got about 30 lbs, and she gave me her # so I can come and pick the fruit in her yard next year too! Seriously, we are feeling so blessed this harvest season! The cukes and zucchini were FREE too!

The other pics are pics of my garden, sorry there are 2 of the pumpkins, I do not know how to erase a pic. Also, any clue on how to move the pics around?

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