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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ignoring this!

I know, I know! I have been ignoring my blog. It is totally unintentional. I've been pre-occupied. Can you guess with what???? I know, my kids are gone to school so I should have more time on my hands. BUT, it's canning season! We have been so blessed to have so much food given to us free! ALOT of apples, I have probably had 500 lbs of apples come thru here. No, I am not joking. That is between crabs and regular apples.

Also given to us, zucchini (4 large), cukes (30 lbs), plums(10 lbs), chokecherries (4 gallons)! I have also bought plums, peaches, pears, cherries and gotten beets from my garden. I AM LOVING IT! I really am so greatful for this season. I know Mr. Miller is sick of the mess in the house, but as I look at how much we have been given, I feel so blessed.


JRoberts said...

My house is also in a state of mess! Yes school has started, but the canning season is still upon us...and homeschooling is also messy! My poor house! I even have superstore boxes of canning I haven't got a place for lining my halls! O well! :)

I am so glad I am not alone!

Jocelyn said...

Oh seriously, Jason is getting so fruterated because it is horribly filthy,but I really do not care. I know that in a few months I will be done the craziness and before I really do a big clean, I am doing tomatoes, so I will then really clean it up. Pull the fridge, stove out, go thru the cupboards, but really, what is the point of a deep clean now? There is no reason!