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Monday, March 29, 2010

interesting conversation

So, I was out the other day.
Had all 3 kids with me.
Sometimes it goes really well.
This was a time when it was not.
Little Miss M was doing her best to escape.
L and B were fighting.
Not a common thing for them.
But a family rule is a rule, timeout. 
No matter where we are, I will put them in timeout.
It works fantastically for me.
I am not personally a fan of spanking.

There was a young man there, about 15 years old.
He said to me, 
"Ma'am, you have no clue how much I wish I had a brother to fight with.
I have way older step siblings I do not know, so I was basically the only child at home.
It was lonely."
Then he went on to tell me about when he grew up.
He has a pretty privileged life, according to him. 
Both parents work and make very good money.
Had whatever he asked for and things he didn't want, just so his parents would not feel guilty.
Guilty about them being away all the time.
Why was he working you may ask?
Working because he wanted to, not because he had to.
Working because he wanted to learn work ethic.
I admire him. 
It is SO easy for kids to get away with doing no work if they want to.
He said he could be easily at home playing his xbox or wii, but chose to get a job.

He said he was so lonely as a child. 
He always wanted to have his parents say, 
"Quit bugging your brother" 
"Quit pulling your sister's hair"
He wanted a brother to go running around outside in the mud with and traipse it inside. 
He wanted a sister to have a tea party with. 
Wanted to have a sibling to play in his tree fort with.
Wanted to have a sibling to go to the store with and buy bubble gum with.
Here is this young man baring his soul to me in the middle of a store.
Suddenly, I felt guilty for having put my boys in timeout.
Guilty that I was blessed with 3 wonderful children that I GET to run after.
3 children that could single handedly drive me insane on any day.
3 children that have each other and are VERY happy to have each other.
3 children that know they are a blessing to each other but also drive each other insane.
2 boys and 1 girl who love and respect each other.
3 children I am so grateful to have.

Yes, I may very well look insane by 9 am, but I am happy.
I love my children and feel so blessed to have them.
Some days I need a reminder.
I am grateful this 15 year old was a gentle reminder to me.
I am grateful for his kind words.

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JRoberts said...

maybe he could be greatful for a timeout...should have tried it! :)

Just kidding. Sometimes those reminders are the best ones of all because they really do come from someone who has been on the other side of the story.

Thanks for sharing.