“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

100 DAYS FOLKS!!!!

100 days
really, seriously? 
I remember wondering when I gave up diet coke that I was going to die.
NO jokes, seriously, going to die. 
Why not?
The headaches were h-e-l-l, I needed my diet coke, why give it up.

But I knew that with how much I loved my diet coke and drank it that it was not good for me.
There was a running joke around the house that I would need to have a 1 year supply (food storage) of my diet coke and that our house was not big enough.
It was all or nothing.
So, I went for the nothing.

I am actually kinda proud of myself. 
When I started this, I thought I could never do it.
There were many days I didn't want to do it.
But, I decided I was worth it.
I was worth teaching myself a lesson that I am worth giving it up.
That I can do something that was hard.
This year has been a year where I really felt like I got nothing accomplished and let myself down on so many levels, so I am glad I did this ONE thing and I taught myself to do something hard.

To me, 100 is a big number.
It's HUGE really.
The next time I get to add a digit is when I hit 100.
And I WILL do it.


Kimara said...

Good for you that is a big one! Happy 100th!

JRoberts said...

Holy Smokes! It has been that long?! GREAT JOB! It gets easier. I still crave a Pepsi now and then and it has been 12 years...but it is not something I ever really feel drawn to anymore.


Hey, have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Thanks for being a good friend. That is something else you can add to your list...you are a wonderful woman and friend. (I can attest!)

Lizzy said...

ya i agree with Jamie... You are absolutely a wonderful woman and a wonderful friend. You have been sunshine for me more times that I can count. Love ya missy =)