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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Called to Serve

When I think of missionaries around the world, I often think of the young men and young women who take the opportunity to serve our Church
I have 4 siblings who have gone and served faithful missions. 
2 in California
1 in Utah
1 in the Philippines. 
I think back to the times they served and remember being able to feel the blessings as each of them served. 
They are all great examples to me and I am grateful for them taking the time in their lives to serve missions and the many people in the communities in which they served.

For the past few years, my parents have talked about getting their papers ready so they could go and serve a mission. 
It has been fun to listen to their plans, hear about the preparations they have been making to go. 
It is not an easy process. 
There are papers you get ready to send in to the Church Headquarter.
Doctors visits to be sure you are healthy to serve.
Interviews with your Bishop and Stake President.

My parents sent in their papers and got their mission call. 
We had to wait a few days for them to open their call.
I am NOT a patient person so for me, it was hard.
I know, I am not the one getting the call.
My family sat around the phone in our home as my parents opened their call.
Some of my siblings were at my parents home, others were on phones.
It was kind of fun to be "together" even though we were not.
We had a family prayer and then waited as they opened their call.
I knew that no matter where they went, they would go happily and serve the people with love.

Let's just say, I learned a thing about geography and world history. 
As my Dad was reading, I heard "You have been called to serve in the Yerevan Armenia mission"
Hello, WHERE?? 
Mr. M pulled it up on the internet right away so we could have a clue as to where my parents were going to be spending 18 months. 
There was much excitement and commotion going on in the back ground so we didn't catch everything that my Dad was saying. 
We figured out a few stats of what life would be like in Armenia for my parents. 
The next day, we get an email from my Mom. 

"In case you are searching about the mission you should be looking at the Republic of Georgia, that is where we will be, as part of the Yerevan Armenia mission. Love ya"

Oh, okay, I missed something in the phone call! 
This is the Republic of Georgia, not the southern drawl Georgia in the southern US.
I think the first time I heard of the Republic of Georgia was a few years ago but never really tried to figure out where it actually was.
Now, I get to hear about what it's like from my parents as they serve there!
My parents will be serving a Humanitarian mission.
That means there are a few differences.
They will wear a white humanitarian badge that will have their first name on it.
Typically, missionaries will wear a black and white badge with the name "Elder" or "Sister" in front of their last name.

There are approximately 180 members of the church in RoG.
The closest Temple is in the Ukraine
Language training is optional. 
That struck me as funny.
They will be speaking Georgian.
Here is there alphabet.
I think it looks cool.

I am proud of my parents for being willing to serve.
I am grateful for my parents being a great example to my children by being willing to serve.
I know they will serve the people with love.
I look forward to the many letters from them as we learn about another part of our world and what it is like for them to live and serve the people in the Republic of Georgia.


JRoberts said...

What a wonderful experience, both for your parents, and for your family. What a great example they are setting for your children as well. They are old enough to remember that their grandparents faithfully served.

Missionary work is so very important, even in our small way when we are not on a 2 year mission for the church.

Jennifer said...

Wow! When do they leave? That is so exciting! I will have to tell my parents about your parents!