“As you walk to the boundary of your understanding into the twilight of uncertainty, exercising faith, you will be led to find solutions you would not obtain otherwise.” Elder Richard G. Scott.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


So, our oldest son, L has a learning disability.
Cannot remember the name of it, but basically is mid grade 2 level in reading, comprehension and math.
When he sees a word, he can see nothing else other than that word, ie:ask him to spell "mast" and he will.
Ask him to change 1 letter in it to make the word "past" and he cannot do it.
He is very literal in life and in spelling as well it seems.
Comprehension is so not there.
We have had the MOST AMAZING! teacher one could have in a school!
She pushed for testing of him so he can extra help in the school and so Mr. Miller and I can help him at home.

We have been working like crazy with his spelling because we are all quite certain that when he gets teh spelling of words, the comprehension will follow.

Mr. Miller and I have the habit (as I do believe most parents do) of spelling out words we did not want the kids to understand and since L has not understood what we were spelling, until the past few months.
Now, he believes that is the sole way to communicate!
It has been such a blessing for us.
L and I have had whole conversations with us spelling out what we wanted to say.
His spelling at school on tests have been improved at rapid rates of speed.
We are seeing 100% on tests!
We are seeing comprehension!
We are seeing math improve!
He is getting it!

It's been kind of fun.
We will have 20-30 minute conversations spelling it out.
We will have conversations around the dinner table spelling it out.
It's been alot of fun.
It's been a great way for us to bond and learn to communicate.
Which has been good.
That has always been difficult for us.
The Lord works in amazing ways.
I am greatful for that.


JRoberts said...

from the title I was all ready for a story where you got embarassed by spelling something...but this is a great one too. :) It is so fun to find a way to work with one thing and have it actually produce results! What a great thing to have happen! :)

*K* said...

wow that's so awesome Joc! Great part on urs, Mr. Miller, and L!