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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good mom/bad mom

K so this will kinda be a mish/mash post. Thoughts on my mind and a question. 

(This is how I feel about the kitchen)

I am trying to get more creative with cooking in the kitchen. I loathe the kitchen to say the least. I love different foods but because I am not good at cooking I don't like to cook it. But I found a blog I LOVE. Check it out here! So I have tried a few different to us meals. Usually I get an upturned nose and protests. My rule is if I make a meal, that is what is for supper. I will not make several meals, I will not negotiate, that is what is served so I expect my family to eat it. (Unless it really turns out so totally disgusting and then there is always spaghetti!) 

Am I the only "mean mom" out there. (that's what my kids refer to me as! That's ok, I own it.) 

On a totally different topic, we were driving into the city today. There were quite a few areas that had flooding and one road was closed and residents definitely had the risk of water  flooding into their houses. It was like last year all over again. It's kind of scary to think about. Just hoping we are prepared enough. As we were commenting about house sad and scary this must be for those who are living there, my 7 year old piped up. This humbled me.
"Mom, this is not as bad as Japan, we are blessed to not have a tsunami"
Wow! How humbling to have my 7 year old remind me how blessed we are, that we are safe and didn't have our house washed away. I am grateful for his wisdom. 

On another totally different side note, I don't think I should have to wrestle my 7 year old, yep, that 7 year old, for 15 minutes just to give him a kiss. I hate this phase.


*K* said...

When I was a kid my mom made us eat whatever she made for supper or else we went to bed hungry. I don't think ur a mean mom at all.

leger_mary04 said...

I am definitely with you on the refusal to make multiple meals thing. I think the biggest thing is to be persistent. Your husband's reaction to your meals will also set the tone for his sons. Hope you have success!

kimara said...

I only cook what I cook and they better be grateful! lol. I think it is important to have them try all the different foods. Their someday wives will be so happy you did. My husband loves everything but my friends husband is still like a little kid and only eats a select few things...grrr! Keep going sister.

JRoberts said...

You know how we are...but I thought I would voice it as well.

My kids have to eat what I make. For many years (when K was little) there was lots of whining and complaining. (M still does sometimes) BUT, now K and G are pretty adventerous eaters. We like to try new things and eat a wide variety of food. Our rule is that if it is on the table they have to try it. If it is totally repulsive to everyone, we don't make it again and I MAY make something else for supper (unless it really is alright). There is also no complaining from the peanut gallary. They are alowed to tell me they didn't enjoy it, but it has to be in a nice way. No, "Mom that was disgusting".

When we first got married P and I sat down and made a pact that if it was not to our liking that we would talk about it later, not in our kids' hearing. That way their opinions were their own and not their parents habits being passed on to them.

Sorry this is a post unto its self... :) Good luck. It is tricky to change your habits (and your kids' habits) but I know you can. :)