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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm dreaming of.....


Last year I got barely anything done. 
Chokecherry jelly and syrup (Which if you have never had it you are missing out!)
Apple juice
Last year was such a wet year and our garden took forever to get in and we lost so many things. We had a few beets come up and a few green beans. It was so depressing to look out at it and see nothing. 

But this year, I am determined to do better. I really want a steam juicer! I have been blessed to use a friends for the past few years, but I always feel bad using it. So I am determined to buy one this year with some of our tax return. Even if it has to be new, it is an investment. I will look for a second hand one until the time comes. If you have never used one, you are missing out. It makes your life so easy. 

I have also been thinking of other things my garden can do for me. I have been trying to drink green smoothies. So I have been thinking of ways I can prepare for the winter so I won't have to buy spinach the whole winter. I have a cousin who makes spinach cubes and freezes them. I was thinking since spinach grows so quick I would plant enough to be able to make a lot of spinach cubes for some of the winter. Also dehydrate the spinach. That way I can slip some in the meals I am making and my kids will never know! (Although the like veggies, spinach is not one of them.) 

And beets. I am determined to use the whole beet this year. Can the beet and make cubes of the tops. They are so healthy for you!

I am looking for really cool blogs/sites where you may get inspiration for canning. Not just the "fun stuff" (peaches, pears) but the things you have canned that have really added to your food storage so your storage is not so boring like mine. 

Thank-you in advance and happy planning of canning season! I am so excited!

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JRoberts said...

I have a couple really great canning books (with a couple more on the way) that are wonderful. I love trying new things when I can and preserve. Makes life so much more interesting! :)