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Saturday, March 12, 2011


I love a good clean joke. 
I love it even more when my kids come home from school with "the funniest joke around that you have never heard before mom!"
Me "oh really"

B "Mom, can you spell "UP""
Me "U-P"
B laughs like you have never heard.

B "Mom, can you spell "I CUP"
Me "I C-U-P"
B laughs again like there is no tomorrow!

So today we were out sitting in the car waiting for my Mr. 
I said to B "B, can you say "can" and spell "up""
B does it of course. 
And then we laughed. 
Holy man we laughed like there was no tomorrow.
(At this point I really DID have to pee and it made the joke telling harder but the kids were having a blast and I seriously loved hearing them laugh like no tomorrow! NO, I did not pee my pants)

So I posted something on my Facebook about it and my Auntie K said something about liking a good clean joke and wanting to start a clean joke revolution! 
Auntie K also came up with spell "pig" backwards! 
Good thing I didn't have to pee when I read that. 
Yep, my kids LOVED it. 
Guaranteed that will be the first thing they say to their friends at school on Monday!

So here is my question to you,
"What is YOUR favorite RETRO CLEAN joke?" 
Meaning kid friendly. 

If I can figure out my sidebar then I will collect them and put them on the sidebar.
I seriously love the good old clean jokes!

I know, what is clean when you are talking about PEE! 

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Kimara said...

Why did tigger look down the toilet?....he was looking for pooh! That's one to go with your pee ones. London told that joke for years!

What does a fish say when he slams into a cement wall? Dam! heehe