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Sunday, August 14, 2011

holidays part 1!

So this year we decided to go on a fun holiday and try and pack as much in as we can. A few years ago, I went to Mount Rushmore with L and B but because of timing, Mr. M could not go. He has always wanted to go there, so we decided to add that to our trip. The whole goal of our trip is to see a sweet little nephew who was born in July. So because of where my sister lives and where Rushmore is, we added it to the trip.

I am a "get in the van and drive" kind of a girl, Mr. M not so much. We decided to stay in Billings the first night at the big horn resort. It was a blast. They have a mini West Edmonton Mall, except better because it's mostly built for little kids. They have mini waterslides that M could go down by herself, they have a mini wave pool, hot tub and grown up waterslides. L and Mr. M loved the tube ride. Me, I am not such a fan of super quick things. We loved the waterpark!

This is a HUGE bucket that holds 140 gallons of water. It fills up and then dumps all over whoever is below. The first time I stood under there I got a bit nervous. "how hard is it gonna hit me" was what I worried about. It did hit hard, just not that bad. M would even go under there and stand there to get hit with the water, so obviously it was not that bad!

This is B going across the monkey bars. Both boys LOVED it!

M after going down a waterslide perfect for kids!

The next day it was Sunday and we went to Sacrament meeting in Billings. We were in the quietest ward I have ever been in. And of course, M was the loudest she has ever been. It was horrible. I prayed (really!) that some other kids would squirm and be all loud. Nope! I could not be so lucky. I took her out and some super sweet lady says "she looks like a handful" I replied with a yes. Then she said "I bet you were a handful at this age too". I again replied with a yes. I am sure I was way busier than either of my parents care to remember.

We were a little sad that we could not go up to the Temple because the gates were shut, but realized that it was to keep the Temple safe from those who might wish it harm, so we were ok with it.
This was our HOTTEST day. 105. ouch.

On the way we drove past the Battle of Little Bighorn. I married a social minor, so you bet we stopped! it is some of the most peaceful land I have been at. It was so hot and we all tried like heck to be patient with Mr. M as he looked around. The kids spent time looking for rattle snakes (gross).

Then it was on to South Dakota. Mount Rushmore was what we wanted to go for. We stayed first at a KOA Kabin in Hotsprings, SD. It is not recommended in my book. I was hoping for a nice stay, it was not very friendly. We packed up and left first thing. It was fun to tour Mt. Rushmore with L and B as Mr. M's guide. We went there 4 years ago so you know, they know everything.

M was scaring the pants off of us. She was wanting to sit up here on a ledge. There is a 6 foot drop right behind her and if you see the ledge on the right, she headed for that. There is a 25 foot drop from there. I turned my head for 1 second when I heard "mom" she headed for that ledge. WHAT??? There was a guy who was on the lower ledge who saw her doing that and grabbed her. Thank-goodness. She is such a turkey. I wanted a picture of her and  her brothers on the ledge (of course with her sandwiched in the middle) so we bribed her with ice cream if she behaved and would let us take her picture. Wanna see it? It's a beaut!

I love it! We got a picture and she got an ice cream!

Rushmore was beautiful! I loved it. I loved being there. I loved the whole part of the state that we were in. It was so fun to spend this time with my family.

I have a picture of B 4 years ago. Man has he grown!

Kids getting their "junior ranger" badges

cool shot Mr. M!

Crazy Horse. I notice no change in the last 4 years. Supposedly they have a regular blast schedule but people who were there 20 years ago notice no difference. Sad really because if they completed it, it would be beautiful. 

crazy storm. I always thought that thunder and lightening storms were scary where I live. NOT! In the mountains when thunder rolls, it echoes. I have so many friends that would love it. I did not.

love these little men.

What Rushmore would look like if it was finished.

Ice cream. The ultimate bribe to get your kids to cooperate for a picture

Me and L. I cannot believe how grown up he is! 

M eaves dropping on a conversation. There was 4 people at the table and she sat there peacefully for about 10 minutes and listened. She did not say what they were talking about so she must be a good secret keeper.

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JRoberts said...

ME! I love thunderstorms! :)

I am totally going to check out the resort in billings, my SIL says it is great as well. Possible trip in the future?!

BTW, that photo rocks! :) She is a little stinker. It was so nice to chat for that bit, even if my kids are turds!