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Monday, August 15, 2011

Reptile gardens

We got to go to the reptile gardens in Rapid City, SD. I was not a fan of the price ($50 for our family, I think M was free) but it was worth EVERY PENNY. We loved it. Check out their link here

They had a fantastic selection of animals! I cannot remember the name of them all but they were wonderful. The staff was amazing, anytime we had a question, we got the answer. So many viewing windows to keep us away from the poisonous (YAY!) The write ups on each of the animals was detailed enough to give the kids the necessary info but it was not too much.

They had 3 separate shows that we could go to. We started at the birds, went to the snakes and then the crocodillians. I loved it because each of the shows were about 30 minutes, and then it was about 15 minutes until the next one. We felt like there was enough time to move from one to another. My kids were thoroughly entertained!

The raven was taking money for something (I cannot remember what)

Boa. That puppy was huge! Poor Mr. M was not doing too good during this whole presentation. He is so not a fan of snakes.

B took this picture! Cool eh?

This guy was demonstrating how to close a gators mouth

Every time he would get close, these guys behind him would head for him! 

Finally, a demonstration! After 6 tries.

we loved it! We hope if you went with your family you would love it as much as we did!


*K* said...

OOooo that looks awesome!

JRoberts said...

$50 is actually a GREAT price for all the stuff you did. What fun! :)

The turtle is Ah-mazing!

kimara said...

I love the giant turtle! Looks like it was lots of fun!