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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6 years!

This post is a hard post to write. It is a HAPPY post. My emotions are high as I think about welcoming our first Little Lady to our home. 

I always wanted to be a mom. When people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grow up I simply said "Be a mom." I didn't have goals to go and get a career. I had no schooling goals. I just wanted to be a mom! 

6 years ago today (at 1:57am to be exact) I gave birth to our little lady! 
A little girl to snuggle.
A little girl to help calm the brothers.
A little girl to dress up and put finger nail polish on.
All those things you THINK are important until this past year I really realized what I am doing.

I am raising a future Mom! I have noticed it more and more over the past year. 
The moments where someone is hurt and she goes over to help them. Not because she HAS to but because she WANTS to.
The moments where there is an argument and she goes over to help solve the problem.
The wanting to be in the kitchen with me, helping me out and happy to cook. 
(Which is totally funny because if you know me, I detest cooking! Learning to like it is more like it!)
The wanting to help me fold the laundry, putting together the socks, helping with tasks that she sees me doing.
This is all her volunteering to do it on her own.
Don't get me wrong, she loves to play, but she also loves to learn how to do things. 
For a while I said "No M, you go play."
Then I realized, she will need to be able to do this is her family home.
It was a humbling day but one I am grateful for.

At 6 years old, here are some facts about our little lady.
She is loving and kind.
She is HAPPY to help out!
She cares about other people and their feelings.
She is a great little sister, even if that means pestering her brothers.
She loves to learn!
She has her own sense of style. Oh my. Dressing each day is a 20 minute ordeal of "What colors match with this" and "The polka dots and stripes don't match Mom!" I am not even joking. It sure is fun to watch. I remind myself she might not always be in this stage (she might be though!) so I just try to enjoy moments like this.
She loves the Fancy Nancy books and is quite convinced they wrote the books after her, even though there are a few discrepancies between her and Nancy.
She is a good friend. I watch her with her friends. She love to help them and learn how to get along.

This little Miss is just a joy to have in our home! I love her like there is no tomorrow. She brings me JOY and HAPPINESS! I have been thinking about the Lord's timing with him sending her to our home and how right it really was. He knew that while I wanted a little girl, she needed to come when she did. I am SO grateful for our two amazing boys we have. They are so good to her and patient with her moodiness:) 

Happy Birthday Little Lady! You are a blessing to our home!

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