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Saturday, February 6, 2010

fixing the bite!

This is L's underbite with his appliance.
I could tell for a bit that he would have an underbite, inherited it from me.
I had an appliance, called the "fridge" when I was a kid too.
About 3 months ago I took him to the dentists for his regular appointment.
Asked the dentist if I should take him to an orthodontist.
Said yup.
Took him in and realized under the lights that not only did he have an underbite.
The enamel was wearing off from the bottom teeth rubbing on the top ones.
We had MAJOR issues with his baby teeth looking like they had baby rot as they had no enamel on them.
So, I said, "get him a retainer"
Also mumbled, "glad we have insurance!"
He got it on Thursday. 
Funny kid.
Hummed quite loudly when they were putting it in.
It's something he does when he is uncomfortable.
The poor lady thought he was in pain. 
Nope, just coping.
Also, whenever one puts something new in their mouth, it's automatic that twice the amount of spit accumulates.
That was gross.
L thought he couldn't swallow it.
HELLO, what do you do all the time???
The one thing I like about this is he spend more time sounding out his words.
That is something $480 will buy you, good pronounciation.

This is a mold of his teeth and his retainer.
Picked it out himself.
Yup, he went for an oilers symbol in the middle.
Maybe THIS will bring them luck
We will show updated pictures when things really start to happen.
Should be about 3 weeks and they will be on top of each other.

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JRoberts said...

glad that all worked out. we have a stading appt every 6 months with Dr. King for G. :) glad yours is good to go.