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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The queen bee turns 2!

So, Little Miss M turned 2 this week.
HELLO, where the heck did the last 2 years go???
She came to me first thing in the morning and said, "Mom, I'm dressed"
Yeah, right.
I don't think so!
L was home with us that day.
It was kinda fun.
She KNEW it was a wonderful special day.

Some of my favorite things about her:
She is just a wonderful child
She is busy
She is loving
She loves her "baby" that comes everywhere with us
She loves to talk
She is so compassionate
Fave thing to do is cuddle
Most common word, either Sorry, Whatever, or Sure, I know, all over the place on that one!
She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her brothers
She brings us happiness in our home
We are so BLESSED to have her in our home

Dinner time, man, she looks rough!

Her cake, oatmeal with coconut and pecan topping, yummy!

Presents with her brothers

she wanted a bath after her bath.

Mom, this is just for you
Well, anyone can look at it but there is a funny story behind this
I was in E-town a few summers ago with my mom
B was asleep in the car and we picked him up and brought him into the dollar store with us
Laid him down in the cart
He slept that way for about 45 minutes
Then slept for about 4 hours on a trip to my folks
Woke up for about the last 45 mins of the trip
Then slept all night long
When we pulled up to Dollargiant today, M was alseep
We laid her in the cart
She slept the whole time in the store, just like this
I just had to take a pic
It was so cute
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little lady
She brings me joy where I never thought I would
She is a wonderful addition to our home
I would have it no other way

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GoldieGirl said...

I have never been able to get my kids to stay asleep once we go into a store. its awful cause then they are whiny, bleh. Happy Birthday to your little miss though! shes so teeny Its hard to imagine she is only 5 months younger that Ephraim!