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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I got flowers

I got flowers today.
I have not got them in 5 years.
I am not a girl who expects flowers or really cares if I get them.
I actually appreciate it if Mr. Miller does not buy them around Valentines day.
Too flippin expensive.
Mr. Miller walked in the door with flowers.
How nice.
I said Thank-you.
He looked sheepishly at me and asked if I got his message.
yup, I did.
This is the story.

Mr. Miller's Principal bought 5 things of flowers.
She decided she would give them to the teachers she thought was doing a good job.
Mr. Miller was one of them.
Mr. Miller passed them on to me.
How nice.

I always feel like a bum around Valentines day.
I hate getting anything therefore I don't give anything.
I know Mr. Miller would love to take me out for a romantic dinner.
Lines are too long.
I know he would like to buy me flowers.
Too expensive.
I know he would like to make Valentines with the kids for me to have.
 They clutter up my house and end up in the garbage.

To me, I would much rather that he did little things during the year that mean things to me.
Foot rubs, get those!
LONG Sunday naps after church, get those, EVERY week!
Helping with housework, get that every day!
Him not expecting me to go out of the home to work, get that!
Him working hard to provide for our family, get that!
I wanted to have beautiful children, got those!

There are many moments during the year I know Mr.Miller loves me.
I appreciate those moments.
I appreciate the flowers too.
This is what I get for Valentines day, TIME with these fave people of mine!


GoldieGirl said...

This makes sense....but I a not nearly as practical or level headed about such things, I feel let down if I dont at LEAST get a Valentine! Haha, One suggestion about the ones your kids give you though, I Love getting things from my kids, cause I LOVE finding the ones I made my mum when I was little, they are like little lost memories that bust wide open when you find them, And I get what you mean about them cluttering up around you, so I went out and bought a tote that sits under my bed for JUST those types of things, little letters, notes, pictures from friends that you no longer have room on the fridge for, invitations, just keepsakes really. Its really great to dig around in them even just now, and I have only been married for 4 1/2 years.

Jocelyn said...

Glad I make sense.

That is a good idea to have a special box for that. I find with the kids coming home from school with what seems like an art project everyday that my house gets cluttered so quick, but if I picked from special occasions, that would not be too much. Thanks for the idea!

JRoberts said...

I totally agree with Mary. I have the boys each a box we call their "special box" where they put things that I just don't want on my fridge, on the counter, etc but really want to keep.

I do however like to get flowers or a special meal, or a cake or whatever. I try to do it for Perry so I get pretty excited when he does it for me...of his own accord. I don't need it to be expensive... or go out...just to be remembered that I am here and he loves me enough to think of me on a special day.

Sisterlisa said...

Love those flowers. Lillies are so pretty!