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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

learned something new today...

So, I learned something new today.
But let me start back a few days ago.
I went to the docs, got x-rays.
Sat in the flippin docs office for 1.5 hours to get the results, with 2 kids I might add.
NOT fun.
I was in with the doc for 4 minutes, enough to be told I have 2 bone spurs and get a referral for Orthopedics.
Today was my appointment.

My most painful bone spur, the one that I actually could feel, is at the back of my heel, at the base of my achilles tendon.
I have tendonitis throughout my foot and ankle.
Actually, both of them.

I asked the doc about bone spurs, how they happen.
I have tight muscles, very tight.
The tight calves lead to tight hamstrings lead to tight quads, which is why my lower back is sore.
Makes sense.
When all this tightness happens, feet don't work properly.
I have under 5% range of motion on my ankle.

I asked if I bone spurs is reversable.
IT IS!!!!
The skeletons of our bodies change about 7 times in our lifetime.
A bone spur happens when our body is changing and our body is compensating.
So, I can reverse it by loosening my muscles and eventually my body will
"eat away the bone spur"
because my muscles will be loser so there will be no need for the extra bone to be there.
Makes sense, glad it won't be like this for life and it's my responsibility to fix it.

I did my muscles excersizes today.
They are not hard but flip do they ever HURT!
My calves, hamstrings, quads and back are SORE.

But it's good.
I need to do this because then I can do other things I need to do.
Right now my workouts are all upper body workouts.
They are fine, but I need more.
I NEED to be able to get impact on my lower body.
It will happen.

I like it when I learn something!

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JRoberts said...

YAY for actually getting an answer for your pain! :) Good luck.