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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The weekend Auntie S came to visit!

Auntie S had been on her mission in California for 18 months.
We had not seen her since May/08
Oh, how we missed her.
We had not seen her until last weekend.
Oh, how much FUN it was!
This is mostly pics for those who we know would love to have been here but could not be.
B and Auntie S, he greeted her at the door when she knocked about 3 hours earlier than we thought!
Auntie S decorated the sponge bob cake.
We used Wilton food coloring for the first time, LOVED it!
Colors are so vibrant, we figure the yellow should be called "Sponge Bob Yellow"
Here is Auntie S and M cuddling on my bed.
This brought LOTS of crazy times!
L quite content to just hang with his Auntie.
Just a little bit of background:
L has, in the past, gone and basically hidden when people come to visit.
Basically becomes anti-social, BUT in the past few months, he has totally changed as a whole.
He has become SO happy, loving and caring.
We were a bit nervous how this weekend would go.
I think S is feeling like she lost 60lbs off her hip, he was attached!
Telling her something important!
3 crazies snuggling!
L showing her the Nativity we got given to us.
He LOVES it, I just don't have the heart to take it down.
Plus, it's a good yearlong reminder of CHRISTmas.
Mom, this one is for you.
This is what it was like basically ALL weekend!
Except when she left.
He wouldn't talk to her!
Round and round the garden, goes the little mousie, you know how it goes.
Rhymes that entertain kids forever!
Mr. M and M woke up super early on Sunday morning.
This is how I found them when I woke up.
All 3 hanging on the couch Sunday afternoon.
I just LOVE how tough M is here!
B FINALLY came for a cuddle!
He is the one who basically hid all weekend.
What a turkey!
All of them cuddling on the bed, getting ready for a rumble!!!
I know, I know, I am a bad parent, I let my kids stand on the headboard and jump off.
It was SUPER fun.
All in a controlled environment so nothing to worry about.
Oh, the joy that was had.
B was the winner, I think.
On a TOTALLY side note, Do you see his belly button and how nice it is?!
SUPER happy about it.
It is really going down.
I think we are past the point where we have to worry about surgery.
I don't even think about it anymore.

For any men who think my little sister is hot and want to date her, PLEASE keep her in Canada.
Both my other sisters deserted me, I want ONE that lives here!!!!

We had so much fun and were happy when we woke up monday in the am and there was freezing rain out and she got to stay for half of the time, it was WONDERFUL!!!!
We love her and are happy to have her home.
We are grateful for how hard she worked on her mission.
The people of California were blessed to have her, now we have her home with us!
Love ya S!


*K* said...

yay! it looks like u guys had a lot of fun! She looks alot like u Joc!

JRoberts said...

Wilton colors are the only ones I use. (the paste ones) I agree, the colors are so much better and more vibrant. (and it keeps your icing the same consistancy)

O, and I found a pretty good supply of them in WalMart the other day if you don't want to have to use the 40% at Michaels! :)

Looks like a good visit