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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It was so funny when I would tell people I was going to Alaska.
"Why would you go there in winter, most people head to a sunny beach!"
I have 2 important people in my life who live there so it was easy to go!

I am NOT a fan of flying.
At all.
I talked to the doc before we booked the ticket to be sure I could get something to help me out for the flight.
I am not sure if it was the meds that made it easier or a pep talk from my Uncle Rob that made it better but the flights were not as bad as I expected.
The first flight I was lucky to sit next to someone who was just as nervous as I was!
Some how, that helped.

Alaska was just as beautiful as I remembered it.
I don't know what it is about Alaska but I love it.
The people are all so welcoming and polite.
The scenery is amazing.
And they have every speck of snow that we don't have this year.
It's crazy.

This is a picture loaded post.
Most of the pics I have up on my facebook but this post is specifically for family and friends that I don't have on facebook so they can see my pictures.
Feel free to comment though even if you have on facebook!

This is the first thing I noticed when I sat down. 
Not super comforting!

My view while on the tarmac. fun eh?

Notice how much snow there is on these mountains.
These are the rockies as I was leaving Calgary.

I think this is flying into Anchorage. 
I love to see the lights from the air!

I could not figure out how I was supposed to fasten it otherwise, thanks for the tip though!

I just think this is so pretty!

I went on a hike up the side of a mountain and this was the overlook.
Beautiful Eh?

This is the path ahead that we were going to hike on the mountain.

Trusty little companion. 
Spending the week with this little dog made me actually consider wanting one!

We had to stop once we started sinking hip deep

This mountain is called "sleeping lady" 
Can you see her?

This is an artisan well up on the mountain, I thought it was beautiful.

We were trying to climb up the left hand side.

look at all that snow! 
Wild eh?

trying to show the snow.

Husky dog races down the road. 
B is determined to get a husky.

how the dogs travel

I love this sculpture!

but this one should win just on the fact that it has a Canadian flag on it!

This one was amazing to look at!

This was so beautiful to look at! 
The details were so intricate.

I am not a chocolate lover but loved this fountain!

This is leaving Anchorage.
Sorry the pictures are so bad, they had just sprayed de-icer on the wing and it was going all over the window.

Isn't it just beautiful!

Can you see the small glacier in this one?

Does anyone have any clue what this is?
I loved it! 


kimara said...

It looks amazing and if it had beaches instead of snow I would go! lol

JRoberts said...

I'm going with a snow volcano?! :)

Fun to travel somewhere new and different isn't it?