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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kub Kar Rally

B was the  only one of our boys who wanted to go in the district rally this year.
He did really good at the ward rally so he was quite confident going in.
L was not so confident so he chose to not go.

On the way to the rally I talked to B about being okay with not winning everything.
He will sometimes have a breakdown in public so I wanted to be sure he knew what I expected out of him (mentally today I could NOT have dealt with a public breakdown)
Maybe that's why he won! haha

He was quite funny when he wanted to come up with his design of his car.
He was very specific and knew how he wanted it to be.
He was blessed to have a poppa who cut it out for him the way he wanted.
He painted it the way he wanted it.
He put his little stickers on it that we searched for!
He called his Grandpa to get his opinions on weights and where to position them.
I guess there is strategy to this thing, at least in the mind of a 8 year old it is!

It was fun to watch him today as the race was happening because I could tell he didn't quite know how to act.
I am proud of him.
He won 3/4 races and had the fastest time of the day 2.8 seconds!
It's fun to be a mom and see when his hard work pays off.
Here are a few pictures.

B and a buddy

"the car"

I found the saying "If you want to be a turd, go lay in the yard" on pinterest. I was thinking that as I was taking this picture!

He r.e.f.u.s.e.d to smile for the pictures. 
Good thing I love him!

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JRoberts said...

Cub cars are the hardest thing for me to be excited about. I hate how lots of the little kids have their grandpa make them for them (or dad. Congrats to your little B because HE made it. I think that teaches them so much more than winning.