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Monday, March 5, 2012

Momma's girl

M has become a real momma's girl lately.
She goes thru these phases where I am "just a joke"
(I think that's her term to tell me she does not like me. Not that bad of a word when I think of the other options!)
Then she goes thru phases where she really really loves me.
Like wants me to carry her everywhere love.
Like wants to sleep in my bed every night cause she misses me.
Like won't let me go to do laundry by myself.
Like she's attached to my hip kind of a love.
I love it that she really loves me.
I love her too.
Here are some cute pictures of her and I that I took.
She is really into that.
Me, not so much.
But I recently read a blog that encouraged parents to get out behind the camera and take pictures with their kids to have those memories on film.
This is my feeble attempt.


Jennifer said...

Cute! I need to get into pictures more often, too! Well done! :)

JRoberts said...

I am usually behind the camera, so to be in front of the lense is hard for me...but it is true, they need to see that you love them in the photos. Some of my boys' favorite photos are ones like these that you posted.