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Saturday, March 31, 2012

L man

I had the opportunity to hang with L the other day.
He is 10 years old and it's not always cool to spend time with your mom.
But it totally rocked!
He loved it but I am pretty sure I loved it more.

L had a retainer about 2 years ago so he occasionally goes back to the orthodontist for a check-up.
The other kids were at school.
I love moments like this that give me the opportunity to spend one on one time with each of the kids.
I often feel like I ripped L off of time when he was a baby because I had B so soon and then had a wicked post-pardum depression.
We have had to learn to work together but I am grateful for his patience with me.

He is so fun and relaxed when it's just us.
His humor is just amazing.
He was running around and being a little bit crazy and he said "I know mom, you are going to want to wrap my mouth up in duct tape!
I am so grateful for times like this that we just love to hang.
(I am really glad I am still cool enough to hang with him!)

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JRoberts said...

I am so thankful that even my almost 13 yo still thinks it is cool to "hang" with his mom too. What a blessing our children are in our lives.